San Diego SEAL Tour

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale – a tale of a fun-filled trip.  In other parts of the country, they call it the “Duck Tour.”  San Diego happens to have Navy SEALs as well as harbor seals, so it makes sense that Historic Tours of America (Old Town Trolley Tours) ties in the SEAL theme to this tour, which shows us the sights in and around the San Diego Bay aboard their mini-fleet of “hydra-terras.”  (Do I need to explain that term?  No? Everybody’s with me?  Good.)

This environmentally sound vehicle runs on people!

My group took a 90-minute voyage aboard the amphibious vessel as Captain Jim and first mate Bill showed us the bay – from Seaport Village to Harbor Island, where we went from “terra” to “hydra” as the vehicle plunged straight into the water – always a crowd pleaser.

First mate Bill shared with us the finer points of life on the bay and pointed out signs of the Naval activity that goes on right under our noses every day.  Hidden in plain sight are the Navy’s dolphin training facilities, submarine repair and maintenance docks, and target vessels.  Then there was the rare treat of watching a Navy submarine return to port.  (It’s a Navy-heavy tour once you’re in the bay, but hey, we’re a Navy-heavy town.)

In the interest of full disclosure, I must reveal that the “seals” in the bay are not seals at all, but sea lions!  The SEAL Tour got us close enough to see their little sea lion ears and sea lion flippers.  We’ve been had!  I won’t hold it against the SEAL Tour, though.  If it’s actual seals you want, you can find them on the stretch of beach in La Jolla known as the Children’s Pool.  This leads to the next logical question: Now what did they do with the children?

SEAL Tours board at Seaport Village daily.  More information can be found here.

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