Fly High With the Butterflies

Yesterday I took my two kids ages 7 and 9 to the Wild Animal Park’s Butterfly Jungle.  It’s the Wild Animal Park’s big exhibit running through April 18th.  As you walk toward the exhibit located in the Hidden Jungle, there were people dressed with butterfly wings giving out information and entertaining visitors.  When we arrived at the Butterfly Jungle, the line looked long however it moved a lot faster than I expected.  We only had to wait about 15 minutes to get in.  While waiting there were guides offering visitors a chance to taste flavored meal worms and crickets as well as offering interesting facts about butterflies.  There was no way I was going to try a meal worm; however my 7-year old son decided to go for it. I couldn’t watch – but he did it.  He said it tasted like sunflower seeds. 

Once inside the Butterfly Jungle it is truly a beautiful sight. There are butterflies of all sizes and colors.  The kids attempted to have a butterfly land on them, but you have to be still.  Not easily done.  We were told the largest butterfly is the most apt to land on you. My son found one and put his hand toward the front of the butterfly and he walked right on to his hand. He was so excited!  There is also a guide you can print out from  The guide shows the different types of butterflies in the exhibit which made it fun for my daughter to try and identify them.

We love visiting the Wild Animal Park and always find something new we hadn’t seen before and the Butterfly Jungle is definitely worth checking out.  Dress for warm weather as it can get pretty warm up there.

-Post by Suzzanne Ravitz

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