Every year from December through March, visitors to San Diego have an opportunity to watch the gray whales migrate from Alaska to Baja. One of the most unique ways to see these magnificent creatures is by kayak. Kayak you ask? Yes! OEX Dive & Kayak in La Jolla offers whale watching kayak tours from La Jolla’s Ecological Preserve, a marine sanctuary and home to the seven seas caves, Leopard Shark City and the La Jolla Sea Lion and Harbor Seal colonies. Whale watching from a kayak allows participants the opportunity to be one with the ocean and enjoy an incredible up-close view of the whales as well as provides a nice little workout. I should note: you aren’t always guaranteed a glimpse of the whales (they don’t always get the memo that we’ve just paddled out to see them), however according toMike at OEX, no one has ever been disappointed. Seals, dolphins and other marine life are almost always swimming around and are happy to oblige the kayakers.

Of course this isn’t the only way to get out and see the whales. From land to sea, check here for a complete round-up on whale watching in San Diego.

Interested in giving the kayak tour a try? Comment below on our blog and one lucky winner will win a pass for two to OEX Dive & Kayak’s whale watching tour. Must comment by Wednesday, January 26, 2011, 10:00 a.m.

OEX Dive & Kayak Center offers kayaking, scuba, stand-up paddleboard and snorkel tours and rentals from several locations throughout San Diego County. Check out their website to learn more!

42 Responses to It’s a Whale of a Time

  1. Cant wait to come. Just couple more days :))))))

  2. How cool to see whales so close. I can’t imagine a bigger thrill than being in a tiny Kayak next to the largest mammals on earth.

  3. Two middle aged ladies from the great white north are vacationing in San Diego the end of March.. This sounds like a must do.

  4. Congratulations to Ronda – you won 2 passes to the whale watching kayak tour. Thank you all for commenting on the blog!

  5. I don’t get to go to La Jolla much, but it sure is beautiful there! Being able to be so close to the marine life and the whales is awesome!

  6. that sounds amazing!
    I put my hand up :-)

  7. Amazing. We will be in SD for the first time in February and would love to do this!

  8. Kimberly B. from San Marcos, California

    La Jolla is a Jewel, and gray whales are one of the most majestic creatures that can be found right off of our beautiful shores!

    I would love to share this adventure with a special someone that loves to kayak. Thank you!

  9. I love San Diego!! Im hoping to move there soon!!! Looking for school counseling jobs. Whale watching sounds awesome! Being anywhere near the ocean is an all time favorite past time of mine and most of my friends.

  10. I learned how to kayak just last year, I would love a chance to see whales that way! Whale Watches from large boats are wonderful but you are so far away from the beautiful and majestic whales. Kayaks seem the perfect and quiet way to observe them , not disturb them.

  11. This is a incredible experience that should NOT be missed! I did this last year and it was INCREDIBLE!!!

  12. WOW! I truly miss whale watching and San Diego since I moved away 15 years ago. To be able to get that close to those amazing animals was awesome!

  13. This sounds like so much fun!!! After living on the east coast my entire life and just moving here a couple weeks ago, whale watching would be the perfect way to settle in :)

  14. La Jolla has so many attractions..and now to experience learning how to kayak AND seeing whales..that’s be awesome..pick me pick me :)

  15. Very great, would love to do this when I’m in San Diego over the next few visits this year!

  16. What a whale of an adventure!

  17. Wow!. Sounds like an amazing experience. And the weather has been great the last couple of weeks!

  18. I have lived in San Diego all my life (27 years) and have never been whale watching or kayaking. I would love to do this trip.

  19. We’re going to San Diego in March. Would be awesome to win this!

  20. Amazing! I want to do it!

  21. Love kayaking, love whale watching, love San Diego. Would love to do this!

  22. That sounds so inspiring!! How could you not walk away from that experience completely refreshed in life! Hope you enjoyed it =)

  23. What an adventure this would be! Who knows what we’d see? It would just be thrilling to be out on the water. I’d love it!!

  24. Sounds like a great way to see some whales – I’d love to try it!

  25. I had fun kayaking on the Monterey Bay with my husband and would love to try it in my “home town”

  26. Wow – sounds like a fantastic way to experience whale watching! I’d love to try it!

  27. Natasha Honeycutt

    I would love to go!! I have been researching these trips, as I am new to San Diego… PICK ME, PICK ME! 😉

  28. Would love to go kayaking!

  29. Sounds like a great time.. I would love to try this out.

  30. This is truly an amazing experience and I cannot wait to go! Combining two of my favorite things! I am so glad to be back near to area so I can become a frequent visitor of the center! This would be such an amazing trip for my daughter and I! She just expressed that she wants to go kayaking the next time I go! Yaaaaay! \:D/

  31. Kayaking would be an awesome way to see whales and other marine life! I’ve never been sea kayaking, but always wanted to get out there and do it, especially here in the San Diego area.

  32. This sounds amazing, it reminds me of the trainers at seaworld kayaking around the tank with the big beasts. I’ve been kayaking and to see the leopard sharks but I want to combine the two now!

  33. Being one with nature is the ultimate appeal.

  34. I’ve been kayaking, but not far enough out to see whales. That would be fun!

  35. Oh would so love to do this with my hubby! With the beautiful weather in San Diego this would be divine!!

  36. Whale watching from a kayak sounds like the ultimate treat to one of san diego’s many beauties.

  37. I’ve never been whale watching. I would love to take my wife!!

  38. Wow whale watching? In a kayak? Are you kidding me? That would be AWESOME!!!

  39. Hey,
    I’ve never been whale watching, and neither has my girlfriend! This sounds like an amazing idea for Valentines day. I’d love a chance to take her.

  40. Wow sounds kinda exhilerating…perfect for say a couples day!! Count me in!

  41. I’ve never been whale watching, but this sounds like a blast!!!

  42. Sounds like tons of fun. I went Kayaking in La Jolla this passed summer. It was fun, watching whales sounds awesome! I want to do it!

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