Summer weather, ocean views, live music concerts….what more could you want? Two tickets to enjoy this trifecta of San Diego summer? You got it! We want to send you to Humphreys Concert by the Bay to enjoy your own star-studded evening. We are lucky San Diego’s outdoor summer concerts don’t have to wait until June 21st to begin. With near perfect weather almost all year round many summer concert series are already in full swing with picturesque backdrops deserving of their own spotlight.

This summer, make sure to see a concert at one of the three waterfront venues below:

An oasis of palm trees surrounds Humphreys summer concerts

Humphreys Concerts by the Bay

Set amid palm trees and under the starry San Diego sky, there is nothing else quite like Humphreys Concerts by the Bay, located on Shelter Island with views of the Marina and the Point Loma hillside in the distance. Playing everything from rock and jazz to comedy, blues and international music, concerts run from May to October, which is just how long summer lasts for us San Diegans. Comment below to win 2 tickets to see Chris Botti on June 1, 2012.

Green Flash Concerts in the Tide-Pool Plaza

Green Flash Concert Series at Birch Aquarium

Enjoy a rockin’ sunset this summer at the seventh annual Green Flash Concert Series at Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego. The concert series, which kicks off May 16, combines live music with panoramic ocean views on the aquarium’s stunning outdoor Tide-Pool Plaza. Savory happy-hour appetizers, craft beers and wines are available for purchase. Keep an eye out for a real “green flash,” a rare optical phenomenon caused by refraction of light as the sun sets on the horizon.

The downtown skyline at San Diego Symphony Summer Pops

San Diego Symphony Summer Pops

Join the San Diego Symphony as they perform with some of today’s hottest pop acts in the annual Summer Pops concert series along the Embarcadero Marina Park South. The series starts off with a bang on June 29, 2012 including patriotic marches, American Idol stars and a spectacular firework display celebrating Independence Day weekend. The fun continues until Labor Day with stars like Roberta Flack, Burt Bacharach, and a live music screening of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

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63 Responses to Sizzling San Diego Summer Concerts on the Water

  1. Humphreys is fun…. seating in cramped…..but they have cocktail waitresses.

  2. have never been would love to go

  3. would love to enjoy music while the sun shines on me and I can feel the breeze of the sea water while listening to good tunes

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  5. Courtney McGowan

    Esperanza Spaulding!  Can’t wait!!!

  6. christianheberth

    my girlfriend birthday is May 31! that good gift would take to see chris botti! 

  7. Chris Botti tix will round out my summer!

  8. Humphrey Half Moon Inn is my FAVORITE hotel in San Diego and has been for the last 23 years!! It’s an amazing venue to enjoy concerts given by talented artists regardless of genre…

  9. We have been away from San Diego for over 7 years and so happy to be back in our hometown!!  Two tickets to Chris Botti at Humphreys would be an awesome welcome home and birthday surprise for my hubby and I!!!

  10. Thank you San Diego Blog for this great post and the opportunity to attend Chris Botti’s Concert! I am so excited!!!

  11. I would like to win this for my brother. He is so dedicated to everything he does and is my hero.He so often puts aside his own pains in order to assist others.I know he is a big fan of Humphrys.He often goes to the bay and listens.He plays his guitar and sings to the people in the other boats around while waiting for the music. Just once I think it would be cool to actually go “inside” and be in the audience. Thank you.His name is David Lafoon from Escondido.


  13. Stephanie McKown

    Would love to have a date night with my husband away from our five yr old and new baby! Our last date was two years ago!!

  14. I would like to see Chris Botti.

  15. I want to go. Nothing like a concert by the bay…(sighs…)


  17. Couldn’t think of a better place to see a great concert!

  18. Chris and San Diego-Winning combination!

  19. This would be wonderful to win!  Chris Botti is amazing and Humphreys Concerts by the Bay are always great!

  20. Would love to go… have never been…  and raising my 3 grandchildren on my own it isn’t quite in the budget…  would love to win tickets

  21. what a life we have in san diego we are all livin the dream!!!!!!

  22. What a fabulous place to see a concert. I would love to come visit again. (=

  23. Chris Botti is AWESOME!

  24. The B Family :)

    We have lived in San Diego for almost one year now and have never experienced a concert in the summer here! We would love to see Chris Botti and enjoy the beautiful San Diego summer nights…so pick us! We would be so grateful for the chance! Thanks!

  25. It would be wonderful to see Chris Botti at Humphreys Concerts by the Bay!  Would be an awesome way to start the summer. I am in it to win it.  Thanks for the Opportunity to Win!

  26. Chris Botti is amazing, being able to go would be a blessing on my life journey.  Finances prevent me from going, so winning these tickets would a gift beyond measure.

  27. never had a chance to go. Today is my birthday, what a great present this would be! 

  28. I am going to San Diego the 1st of June and i would love to share in the fun of seeing Chris Botti, please give me a chance to win see him, thank you.

  29. San Diego, one of the best wonderful place to enjoy a vacation!! Love this place!!

  30. I live on the east coast and would love to come to see Chris Botti on June 1, 2012…it would be a dream come true in many ways!

  31. Christian Heberth

    I want to go to chris botti concert and free! nothing would make me very happy to me and my girlfriend!

  32. Show me the way to come home! I am so tired of the desert!!

  33. My husband and I are visiting our daughter who we haven’t seeen in two years, (in person). We are from Ohio. We absolutely adore San Diego and would love to be able to retire here. We’ve never seen any concerts in California. It would be soooo awesome to experience this one!

  34. Always  nice weather…..GREAT place for music and fun.

  35. I lived in the. Orange County area most of my life and about 7 years ago I moved to the San Diego area and have loved living here and all the wonderfull people I have met. I have not been to any of the concerts there but would love to experience it.

  36. There’s no place like San Diego to enjoy music and the sea! What a combination. We San Diegans are lucky and blessed to live in such a beautiful city. We are spoiled!

  37. summer is my favorite time of year in san diego!

  38. Looking forward to enjoying a one of these awesome concerts – pictures are amazing.  Thanks.

  39. Sooo need to get out of the AZ heat and relax in SD!

  40. Only ELEVEN days til I move HOME to San Diego! Been gone toooo long! yeeehaaa!

  41. I reconnected with my high school sweetheart almost 3 years ago. (He was in the Navy 40 years ago & liked SD so much, he stayed.) I’ve been flying here every couple of months & he’s been coming to NE twice a year…..(more to do in San Diego!)  =)
    He’s taken me on wonderful adventures & says he’s rediscovering San Diego through my eyes. I know he’s never been to Humphrey’s & it would be awesome to “discover” it together.
    P.S. I’ll be a San Diegan before Winter hits Nebraska!!  (I can’t wait!!!)

  42. There’s no better way or better place to spend a summer evening. Don’t let me suffer.

  43. I always pick two concerts during the summer at Humphreys and Chris Botti was going to be one of them!  I would love to win these and then can go to three concerts this summer!!!

  44. Carole Shadoan

    My husband and I will be starting our summer vacation in San Diego on 6/1 and we’ve never been to a Humphreys Concert.  We would love to win 2 tickets!  Pick us!

  45. Rebekah Sylvester

    Never been and new to SD! Sounds like the perfect way to spend an evening! Me me me!

  46. I’ve never been but my wife and I have been wanting to see a concert at Humphrey concert by the bay.

  47. Socalmediasurfer

    I love Humphrey s and enjoy eating there as well as attending concerts, love their backstage lounge, spent many an enjoyable evening there.

  48. Looove this venue. Oh those summer nights are always amazing.

  49. Humphrey’s is an Awesome Venue for intimate shows with a delightful setting. I have been to several shows in the past years and they are the most memorable of my concert going experiences.

  50. I’ve been to some shows in San Diego, but I would love to see Chris Botti .

  51.  This venue rocks! I have been to a few shows around town, and nothing
    beats catching a show on a warm, summer evening next to the bay.

  52. This venue rocks! I have been to a few shows around town, and nothing beats catching a show on a warm, summer afternoon next to the bay.

  53. I have lived in SD all my life, and have never been to Humphreys! I would love to see Chris Botti at such a beautiful venue! :)

  54. Incredible venue!  Would love to see a concert here, especially during this time of year when the weather is so nice!

  55. Super excited about the upcoming summer concerts! My first year in San Diego so can’t wait to go for the first time!

  56. I love your amazing outdoor concerts!

  57. Freemansellsre

    Love Humphrey’s Concerts by the Bay

  58. I always look forward to accessible summer concerts and San Diego as a locale sounds like the perfect backdrop to enjoy fun music, sound, and artists.  Who won’t be jealous with both weather and scenery?

  59. These concerts are soooo gorgeous by the bay. I’ve always wanted to be able to go to one :] We are so lucky to be living right by such a beautiful city as San Diego.

  60. Another reason to love San Diego

  61. So pretty to see and hear. Id love to go

  62. Scrapbkcathleen

    I cannot go to that concert, but this is such a beautiful venue, how could one not LOVE a concert here? Looking forward to more dates that match my schedule. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  63. I would love to see Christ Botti!