Craft Beer at Tiger!Tiger! - A San Diego Beer Bar

Tiger!Tiger! is a great San Diego Beer Bar for enjoying local brews. Just ask Draft Magazine. Plus, on Sundays mornings, you can order your beer with a side of doughnuts.

The secret is out: not only does San Diego produce some of the country’s best beer, we also have some of the best bars in America for enjoying a pint with friends. Every year, Draft Magazine publishes their editors’ picks for the 100 best beer bars across the nation, and it’s no surprise that San Diego beer bars make up a large part of that list.

Draft Magazine’s 7 San Diego Beer Bars

Perennial favorites the Blind Lady Ale House in Normal Heights, Hamiliton’s Tavern in South Park, and O’Brien’s Pub in Clairemont made repeat appearances on the 2013 list. Plus, for the first time, Churchill’s Pub & Grille in San Marcos, Encinitas Ale House, Tiger!Tiger! in North Park, and Small Bar in University Heights made the cut as well.

With 7 local bars on the list, San Diego ties with Chicago for the destination with the most appearance. You can check out the complete list of America’s 100 Best Beer Bars: 2013 online, or pick up a copy of January’s Draft Magazine.

Have a favorite spot that didn’t make the list? Share it below!

2 Responses to Draft names 7 San Diego Beer Bars Best in America

  1. No one goes to SLC to drink…come on! Don’t be such a kidder.

  2. Try the Green Pig in Salt Lake City. The people in the neighborhood that are patrons contribute to the entertainment because it’s open-mic 4 nights a week with a different genre each of those nights!

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