Happy Hour is Tiki Time

I’m having a Calgon moment and a bubble bath won’t cut it.  I need something stronger.

What’s a girl to do when only a technicolor cocktail with an umbrella will suffice?

Follow the lead of generations of Californians and embrace Tiki culture, of course.  That way, I can take an exotic getaway – just for a happy hour (or two) – and I don’t even have to leave the Gaslamp Quarter much less blow 1000 bucks on airfare to Tahiti.

So, I’m heading to Mister Tiki’s Mai Tai Lounge for their $5 on Fifth happy hour specials. 

This is not the $5 drink.  What are you crazy?

This is not the $5 drink. What are you crazy?

Just five smackers will buy me my choice of fun island-inspired drinks like the Haole Mai Tai, Lilikoi Mojito or Coconut Kiss Martini.  And, my guy – he’s not a big umbrella fan- can enjoy a large Sapporo for the same price. 

Of course, the South Seas – like happy hour – are not just about the drinks. 

PuPus...fun to say and fun to eat!

PuPus are fun to say and even more fun to eat!

Mister Tiki’s deals cross over to the sushi bar where for five bucks you can choose from California, spicy tuna, spicy yellowtail, shrimp tempura or vegetarian rolls.  And, $5 PuPu specials offer modern takes on Tiki fare with crispy shitake & goat cheese wontons, spiced chicken potstickers, chicken lettuce wraps, tempura baby shrimp and calamari fries.

It’s a proven fact, PuPus are far superior to appetizers in elevating one’s mood.  And, tropical cocktails will make your happy hour happier than most other drinks.

Mister Tiki $5 on Fifth specials, Monday-Friday from 5-7 p.m. 

Mai Tai, take me away!

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About Kate

I own, and use, a library card, a record player, a sewing machine and a meat smoker.  Ride my bicycle every day and will, sometimes, wear my roller skates in the house. Have a wealth of useless knowledge – for which you will be thankful when we’re teamed up in Trivial Pursuit.

How would you describe your ideal San Diego day?

Hike through the spring wildflowers in the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Watch the July 4th fireworks over San Diego Bay. Eat Julian Apple Pie a la mode and check out the autumn leaves. Ice skate and enjoy the twinkling holiday decorations at the Hotel del Coronado. All in the same day.

If you were invisible, where would you go?

I’ve always wanted to be able to stop and restart time like that Twilight Zone episode back in the 80’s, “A Little Peace And Quiet,” but, you know, without the a-bomb at the end. Basically, I just want to avoid waiting in lines.

What is your favorite San Diego outdoor activity?

Brunch, without a doubt. Also, cocktails by the pool, outdoor movies in Balboa Park, scouring the swap meet for vintage finds, hanging out on the patio at the Casbah between sets, lawn games and backyard barbecues.

Do you prefer burgers and beer or linguine and red wine?

Give me uni plucked from the sea by local divers, a warm, crusty loaf from Bread & Cie, luscious Carlsbad strawberries, sweet local lobster in season and creamy Fallbrook avocados. And, most definitely, a grass-fed beef burger with Winchester gouda and a cold San Diego craft brew.

Latest music purchases for my iPod/MP3 player are…

Honestly, I buy my records at the thrift store and depend on my husband to download new music. Lately he's been stacking the deck pretty heavy with 90's indie rock, bluegrass covers and drone metal.  Go figure.

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