San Diego’s Weather Ranked Number 1 by Travel+Leisure

San Diego's Weather - Perfect All Year Round!

In San Diego, all you need to do is walk outside on most days to notice our phenomenal weather. With over 280 days of pure sunshine, you can see why travelers ranked America’s Finest City number 1 for weather in Travel+Leisure’s America’s Favorite Cities 2011 survey. San Diego was also voted number 1 as the Spring Break destination and number 2 as Summer Family Vacation and 4th of July destinations! With great weather comes great opportunities for travel!

The Today Show on NBC even took the time to highlight San Diego’s number 1 weather spot with a few suggestions including surfing, the San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park and a stay at the Inn at the Park. Check out the video below:

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Follow this link to see all of San Diego’s rankings in the survey. Let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree with some of San Diego’s rankings…

3 thoughts on “San Diego’s Weather Ranked Number 1 by Travel+Leisure

  1. I think SD weather is great not so much for its sunshine (because we do get a lot of marine layer, and there are many U.S. cities with more than 280 days of sun, like Denver, San Jose, Vegas, etc.), but for its mild temps and lack of rain compared to most places. Even if it’s not sunny, it’s rarely hot or cold, and it’s rarely raining. That’s what makes it so nice. And I’ll bet our SD neighborhood does get 300 days of sun, because we’re about 8-10 miles inland and get way less of that coastal stratus.

  2. I’ve been leaving in San Diego For more than 40 year’s Our 3 wonderful childrens was born and grow up here. Inspite of the economy downfall,Our hope is high, time will come we will still recover. San Diego is one of the Bless place as far as weather is concern and still one of the most safe place to live..

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