Attraction Action: 10 SeaWorld Rides Deliver Thrills and Chills

A few things are synonymous with San Diego. While our perfect weather and gorgeous beaches are prevalent in any conversation about San Diego, there are several attractions that are also inevitably mentioned when speaking of America’s Finest City. SeaWorld San Diego is one such attraction, as iconic as the destination itself.

Popular with adults and kids alike, I sheepishly admit that I didn’t set foot in SeaWorld until I had a child. Now we are season pass holders and frequent the park, even if it’s for an hour to catch the exhilarating One Ocean show featuring Shamu, or the crowd pleasing Pets Rule show.

Some features of SeaWorld that we haven’t fully experienced yet are the roller coasters. With the height requirement of 42 inches, our daughter (turning five this month) has been greatly motivated to eat her vegetables so that she can grow quickly, and experience the Journey to Atlantis ride. Each time we visit the park, we stand by to watch the great splash created by the ride’s 60-foot plunge. With each drop we witness, she squeals with excitement as her eyes fill with determination to grow taller so she can experience the thrill for herself.

She has one more inch to go, and will probably be tall enough by early summer just in time as the newest of SeaWorld’s ride, Manta opening in May.

SeaWorld San Diego offers a range of rides, from the thrilling and exhilarating roller coasters, to rides that are perfect for chilling, and a few that are for designed especially for the ‘lil ones. Here is a list of all the current and upcoming thrills and chills you can experience.

Heart-Pounding Thrill Rides

Height Requirement for these rides are 42″ (107 cm) or taller. Guests between 42″ and 48″ tall must be accompanied by a supervising companion (14 years of age or older) sitting beside them.

1.  MANTA – Opens May 2012

Manta is SeaWorld’s first multi-media double-launch coaster that delivers thrills you can only experience at SeaWorld San Diego. This highly anticipated new coaster takes you on an immersive journey through the sky and sea, as seen through the eyes of the Manta ray. As you climb aboard, the ride will have you gliding, spinning and soaring at top speeds in a way that only SeaWorld can deliver.

2.  Journey to Atlantis

Be transported to a lost civilization on Journey To Atlantis. The ride begins with a 60-foot plunge into water, and ends with face-to-face sea animal encounters. Lines are shorter early in the morning, and around Shamu and Blue Horizon show times.

3.  Shipwreck Rapids

Be cast away on this tube-style raft ride as you experience the thrill of winding down a rapid river. Whirls, swirls, splashes and crashes await as you plunge through a waterfall into an underground cavern. Onlookers can drench castaways on the rafts with six water cannons that are placed on the main pathway between the ride’s entrance and the Cirque de la Mer stadium.

4.  Wild Arctic Ride

This ride combines the mesmerizing features of a flight simulator with a thrilling adventure aboard a jet-helicopter. Soar through the Arctic Circle as you take in breathtaking views of perilous, icy landscapes. Put yourself in your pilot’s hands as he maneuvers treacherous frozen peaks and valleys en route to Base Station Wild Arctic.

5.  Riptide Rescue

Experience your own sea turtle rescue mission as you climb aboard the yellow rafts of Riptide Rescue. But hold on—like SeaWorld’s actual rescues, it can be a wild ride! This ride requires guest to be 50″ tall to ride independently. Guest between 45” and 50” tall must be accompanied by a Supervising Companion (14 years of age or older) sitting beside them.

Chillax and Take in the View

6.  SkyTower

Take a ride high above SeaWorld for spectacular 360 degree views of the surrounding areas of Mission Bay and beyond. Sit back and enjoy a leisurely ride up the tower as the platform spins at a slow and steady pace, revealing spectacular views that stretch out to  Pacific Ocean and the gorgeous downtown San Diego. With clear skies, you can see up to a hundred miles in every direction.

7.  Bayside Skyride

This gentle two-way gondola ride takes you on a relaxing six minute journey as you float above the tranquil waters of Mission Bay. Catch the ride around sunset for spectacular views of the Bay and the Pacific.

Fun Rides for the ‘Lil Ones

For toddlers and younger kids, there are still some joyful rides at the Sesame Street Bay of Play, located in the heart of SeaWorld.

8.  Elmo’s Flying Fish

Kids love this up and down ride that takes them across an imaginary ocean. With fish-shaped carriages that looks like adorable Elmo, younger kids will enjoy watching as much as riding in them.

9.  Abby’s Sea Star Spin

For some whirling and twirling fun, enjoy this classic spinning teacup ride. How much you spin is up to you, as you control with the wheel at the center of your starfish-inspired riding cup.

10.  Oscar’s Rocking Eel

Oscar the Grouch might be grumpy, but his eel pal is one slippery character! Hang on as he spins and slithers you along on a side-to-side slide of an adventure.

Want to take a ride for yourself? We are giving away four (4) one day admission passes to SeaWorld San Diego, good through 6/30/2012. Leave a comment on this blog post by 10:00 am P.S.T. on Thursday March 8, 2012 for a chance to win.

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298 thoughts on “Attraction Action: 10 SeaWorld Rides Deliver Thrills and Chills

  1. I’m way too terrified of adrenaline fueled rides, but I got to say the Journey to Atlantis, or any of the water types listed in here looks pretty fun. It would be quite a fun ride to share with my family. They let you store your extra clothes in a locker right?

  2. My husband and I celebrated our 25th anniversary last June and are just now getting away to celebrate.  We will be in San Diego in just two weeks and this would be a really fun “date” for us.  We live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and California is out favorite vacation spot.

  3. I just saw this post, awwww, missed the deadline, but will comment anyway, Sea World is my ultimate Pooh-Like Thinkin Spot, I go if I am stressed, I go when I need some “ME” time or when I want to see others having fun.  I go to see the animals, LOVE the Pets Rule Show the most, those cats, dogs, birds, etc are so cute. I spend each Christmas Day there because my family is 2600 miles away and being with the animals helps me have a wonderful Christmas, I am keeping the tradition. I have seen every Shamu show since 2004 when I moved to SD.  I think I like the Shamu Rocks the best, Believe comes in second.  Micci/SoCal Media Surfer

  4. I grew up in San Diego and moved to Mississippi due to the military. We are coming back to visit in July and would love to go to, what looks like, a whole new Sea World!!!!

  5. I have a 2 year old that loves Elmo and a 6 year old brother my mom is disabled and I’m having back surgery in 2 weeks! I’m only 23 year old. How amazing would it be if after my back surgery I could take the kids for. A day of fun and get to do everything with them. I’ve never been able to take the kids to do fun things like sea world because of my back issues and disability doesn’t pay much! I can’t believe how sea world has changed its been about 10 years since I’ve been they! But it so expensive these days!!!

  6. One of the few things I am excited to do when we move to San Diego at the end of the month from North Dakota

  7. We just moved to San Diego and now that our boys have grown a few inches Seaworld has moved to the top of our “family adventure” list!

  8. Love SeaWorld, would love to take family and friends to visit this summer. Times are a bit tight lately, so would be great to get a free ticket!

  9. I SOOO am looking forward to taking my 3 kids (and their cousins) back.  My youngest hasn’t ever been there and it’s been too long since my older two have been!

  10. Seaworld is amazing. I love the glass tunnel through the shark tank in Orlando. Looks like the new Manta ride is going to be as exciting as Kraken.

  11. We are headed to SD from Michigan in a couple of weeks for spring break and would love to go to sea world!!’

  12. I have lived in San Diego 10 years and always assumed Sea World was a bunch of shows. I had NO idea how many cool rides and attractions you all have. WOW! Now I want to checkout the park. Thanks for writing this post!

  13. My husband and I have never been to Sea World and have lived here about a year now. We would love to be able to take our feinds who are visiting with us for this experience. It looks like such an awesome place, we just do not have the money for it right now. Hopefully one day we can experience this fun too!

  14. College student moved on my own with roommate and trying to explore and trying to be successful in everything I do my baby nephew would love this !
    Thank you for your time

  15. Went here 15 years ago with our kids for Easter. Would love to bring our big kids back again this year for Easter!

  16. Sea World is such a great place to visit and have some fun quality time together! We hope to be able to experience all the new attractions soon! 🙂

  17. I love watching the dolphins swim & play, I would love to see them at Sea World. I haven’t been there in soo long. 🙂

  18. I’ve been to to SeaWorld twice and always had fun while visiting. Its a must when visiting beautiful San Diego. I would love to go again and again!

  19. I moved from San Diego 2 years ago leaving some of my family behind. Sea World is on of the top places that I miss so much. I would love to come back & visit my family, friends & Sea World.  By the way, Manta, looks like an awesome addition to Sea World.

  20. When I was a little girl growing up in San Ysidro our school would take us to Sea World on field trips I remember seeing the Shamu show and crying…. even as a little girl I could feel the trust of this humungus animal and the trainer,,,,,, A killer whale and a meer human with so much trust in each other,,,, we also got to go behind the scenes and saw the real shark tank that was fun and scary,,,,, I would love to have a chance to go back and see all the new things at seaworld it has been a long time since I have been there now i have grand kids to take……

  21. I love SeaWorld San Diego. You guys are the best amusement we can go too on a regular basis. Thank you. 🙂

  22. I will be in San Diego In August from London England on vacation would be great to win 4 tickets to sea world as the beginning of this year has not been so great so far sea world would be the perfect way to relax enjoy and have lots of fun thank you for this opportunity.

  23. SeaWorld is the best. Make sure you plan your visit well to see all the shows and take all the rides! Get a silver pass. Great deal!

  24. We just moved to San Diego from NJ and would love to enjoy Sea World soon!  My husband and I would be as excited as the kids ;^)

  25. This looks so fun!!!! I would love to go to this!! So much crap going on in life right now, a vacation is just what a broke. Heart needs!

  26. We went last year and looking forward to go back again this year…it’s simply an AMAZING experience for kids and kids-alike 🙂

  27. Love Sea World! Grew up in Ohio where Sea World of Ohio was, then it was gone! Had season passes every year!

  28. One place my husband wanted to take our children…unfortunately last year he passed away due to a heart condition at age 37. Our 3 kids would have a blast at Daddy’s favorite place. He used to live in SD he loved it there….He wanted to share his favorite place with me and  his kids

  29. I haven’t been to Sea World since I was little, I’m now 47. I would love to go. My kids have gone without me, now its my turn …

  30. When I was a little girl I lived in San Ysidro and our school would take us to sea world for a field trip….. it was the most amazing field trip ever I remember seeing Shamoo and crying because I was so overwlemed how a humand and a whale could trust each other so much, once we got a sneak peek behind the scenes and got to see the shark tank what great memories……… would love to go back and see all the new things at Sea World

  31. San diego is one of the most beautiful, fun.and exciting cities in cali!!!! Cant wait to see what new attractions sea world will offer. Its by far my sons and my favorite mommy/son attractions in san diego!!! 🙂

  32. Going back home for vacation and my girlfriend has never left Tucson so the first place I wanna take her to seaworld:) can’t’s been along Time since I beentheir.

  33. I haven’t been to SeaWorld in years!!! I’d love to take my son to SeaWorld for his FIRST amusement park adventure!!!

  34. I have lived here a year and have sadly not had the opportunity to experience the thrill, joys, and wonderment that is Sea World

  35. My boys love the sea life and have never had the opportunity to visit the park. This would be the perfect chance for me to spend one of the best days ever with them!!! Day with daddy at Sea World!

  36.  I love SeaWorld!!! We will be coming for my daughter to run in the Dodge Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathon to Benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. So excited to come see the fun attractions!  

  37. We haven’t been to Sea World in such a long time but it is one of our favorite places to go!  Thanks for taking care of the animals of the sea!

  38. We love San Diego and want to “leave Las Vegas” soon to come back! Our 3 yr old preemie has never been to Sea World or any other park for that matter. We hope we can make it soon!

  39. LOVE SEA WORLD! We haven’t been in about 7 years so your summary of the rides is awesome. I’m ready to go! =)

  40. I would take my friend, Ekta, an international student from India, if I won.  She’s never been and I think that she would like it a lot.

  41. We haven’t been to Sea World for a couple of years now…we would LOVE to get~a~way to San Diego for a few days…the new Mantra ride looks AMAZING!!!! 

  42. Amazing attractions……would love to see them with my babies!!! We don’t haves attractions like that here.

  43. Soooo Excited for the New Manta Ride…..We have not been since you put in Sesame Street area!Would be a great day to reconnect with Sea World!!

  44. My kids are going to San Siego in a couple of weeks with their Grandparents. Would love to send them to Sea World! We are from Vancouver BC.

  45. We love Sea World!  I feel like I grew up there – we always had annual passes when I was a kid, and we got full use out of them.  If only they had rides back then – what a great addition!

  46. A family day at Seaworld would be instantly memoriable, my daughter would be filled with tears of joy. Can’t wait to see all the attractions since we have never been their.

  47. I haven’t been to sea world in years. Been wanting to take my girlfriend for a while. Would really love to win this.

  48. Love Sea World. It’s too bad Cap’n Kids World is not there. Fond memories of the rope bridges 🙂 Now I’d like to check out the new skool stuff with my own kids!

  49. I am born and raised in San Diego and do not live there now because my husband is in the Marine Corps.  My husband and our kids have not been to Sea World yet and I know they would love it.  It would be great to get back to San Diego to see family and do something fun with the family while we are there before my husband goes on deployment. 

  50. Coming to San Diego in August would love to win 4 ticket a vacation well worth the wait if ticket were mine thank you for this opportunity I love sea world.

  51. Sea World looks like it has gotten a upgrade, which is great! I’d love to take my family to experience the park together!

  52. I have three daughters that would love to go again. I can’t afford passes for them this year as I am on disability. Please let us have the opportunity to have a wonderful day at Sea World again. They deserve this!!

    Thank you San Diego Blog for doing this! We love you 🙂

  53. Really want to go to sea world! I haven’t been in over 10 years and my best friend and boyfriend have never been ): hopefully one day we can!

  54. Recently moved to San Diego & I would love to take my kids to Sea World!! I know they would love it! 🙂

  55. I loveee Seaworld! I got to experience journey to Atlantis for the first time when it was gold and rainy and LOVED it 🙂

  56. I love Sea World! We need another visit since the last time we were there we had to leave after three hours because of rain!

  57. I love sea world….  KIds love Sea world so much … so much to do so much to seee…….=>) WE have been one time and it was the best…Loved it

  58. I understand why rides are good business, but it always feels like a further betrayal of what Sea World is supposed to be, an aquatic zoo and something for people to do while they make their way from beer cart to beer cart.

  59. This would be a great ….another reason to visit my son & daughter-in-law in sunny California….HOOYAH…..

  60. I haven’t been to Sea World in forever but it’s great! Can’t wait to check out all that they have again someday soon! 🙂

  61. Last time I was @ seaworld was in 1999. I have been trying to go again. Miss the sharks and penguins encounter. Its a great local place.

  62. I wish we could afford to bring our kids to Sea World ever since my husband got out of the  Army things have just been too tight. Our 2 year old would go crazy getting to see all the new creatures!

  63. WOW! I would love to see the new attractions! Sea World is already an AMAZING place and now it has rides!!! WOW! Just another added bonus. I would really love to experience this with my family it would be AWESOME! thank you 🙂

  64. After not having a vacation in over 3 years,due to being laid off….i am from the San Diego valley…would love to take my wife there!!! go to Sea World plus show her my old neighbrhood!!!

  65. My children have not been to Sea World yet. We live in Vegas but I grew up in SD. We have a family of 4 so winning tickets would be perfect! I love Sea World. The Penguine exhibit is my favorite, but all of their shows are outstanding! Especially their world famous Pet Show! Everyone needs to experience Sea World!

  66. Haven’t been to SeaWorld since I was a kid and it’s Not San Diego Without SeaWorld. I would love to be able to go again!!!

  67. Being a single mom is hard…..I’ve been trying to save enough money to take the kids to see all the amazing sea life I enjoyed as a child.

  68. I’ve lived in San Diego my whole life, and for as long as I can remember, SeaWorld has been undoubtedly one of my favorite attractions. It has it all. From the rides to the underwater adventures, it grabs countless visitors every day. With this new ride too, I think it will skyrocket the attraction by so much more. Everyone I’ve ever known to come visit SD has named SeaWorld as at least in their top 3 places to go. It’s a great places to take all your friends, but most importantly, it’s an amazing place which accompanies the entire family.

  69. Anyone remember when Sesame Street Bay of Play was Captain Kidd’s World??!!  Man, that was my favorite place to go as a kid!  We took our kids a few years ago and they loved it!  Can’t wait to get back!

  70. This would be awesome… My kids would love and have not been on these Sea world rides. Love San Diego and we love Sea World!!!

  71. Sleepless in Seattle Family would Love to see some SUN and SEALIFE attractions at SEAWORLD. Never been to San Diego, would Love the Opportunity to go.  Thanks!

  72. I would do anything for these tickets…….anything….go ahead call me on it…….ok ok anything legal……….

  73. It would be a wonderful way to celebrate my upcoming 50th Birthday because you are never too old to enjoy SeaWorld!

  74. Grew up in San Diego ..came back and spent my honeymoon at sea world/SD zoo 😉 I would love to show my stepsons this amazing place!! Being from phoenix az, they have never seen anything like it!

  75. I have been taking my kids and daycare kids to sea world for the last ten years, each time we go it is like the first time with new expierecnces and new things to sea and explore! It IS my Disneyland 🙂

  76. Am so so looking forward to going to Sea World this summer.  Even though my children are all grown, and I won’t have my grandchildren with me, my 23 year old son has promised to go with me.  One of my favorite places.

  77. I host and tour exchange students from many countries and their top preference for sight seeing is San Diego and Sea World.  I have always been so busy making sure they have a great time there that I have never really had the chance to take a ride for myself.  Would love to just chillax and take in the newest rides.

  78. SWA world is the best!!! that is mone and my daughters favorite place to spend the day together. I think it’s time for a mother daughter day at sea world

  79. Sea world is awesome! Changing the way people love the ocean and all it’s creatures! It’s a beautiful world under the sea and I’m glad they make it possible for children and adults alike to see it! Specially sea turtles!!!!! 🙂

  80. Love Sea World! So glad they’ve added rides… They didn’t have those when I was a kid! Can’t wait to take my kids there!!!

  81. My daughters have never been to Sea World! I live up in the High Desert and I would so love to be able to take my girls there!! I hope yo would pick me!! Nothing would make my girls happier then to take them there!

  82. First visit to San Diego in June this year, a trip to Seaworld would be awesome, looks fantastic!!! Can’t wait!!

  83. I grew up in San Diego and I can not wait to take my two kids here the next time we visit my parents who currently still live down south! 

  84. I am missing Sunny San Diego and Sea World! That is where a lot of my childhood memories happened and I need to take my own children there to experience it!

  85. I am so looking forward to taking my kids on the new ride, Manta, but I hope they will still have the pearl divers when it all opens, my kids love watching that

  86. Love Sea world I ask my kids where do you want to go Dineyland they all say no I want to go to Sea world they would live there if they could.

  87. Excited to see the new MANTA ride.  My daughter loves Elmo’s Flying Fish.  Hope to take the family for a visit soon…

  88. I have been to Sea World many times with my kids and have never been on ANY ride. My youngest is a just now 4 so I always stayed with her at the stroller while everyone else rode! They look fun!

  89. Cant wait to visit , travelling from Ireland in April with my 11 year old daughter….we definitely plan to visit Seaworld !

  90. We love Sea World and San Diego….How great it is to be a Californian…..!!!!!!! Best place for fun in the sun and family time!!!

  91. Ahhh Seaworld….never going to forget my horror when a seagull divebombed me when I was in 4th grade stealing half of my nachos!

  92. My sister and I plan to travel to San Diego in May and spend most of our time at Sea World 🙂 🙂 🙂

  93. Been here Romany Times. Wish they would change there shows once in awhile instead of the boring shows they have constantly. I know they have special shows during Xmas but come on same shows year after year. It gets boring.

  94. Love love love Sea Wold 🙂 I went last year and it was so nice.. I would love to take my boyfriend there for our 2nd annivarsety and dine with shamu. Also excited to see the new Manta ride it suppost to be amazing.

  95. I need a pass so I can join my daughter begging me to go with her. I’m a San Diego native and have been for any of the multiple new rides!

  96. I have been promising my nephew and my girlfriend a trip to SeaWorld. We live within a few miles but we are “under water” financially right now. We would love to sit and watch the whales and the shows.

  97. I love SeaWorld and I haven’t been in years! San Diego is a beautiful area and getting wet on rides on a hot Southern California day is a fantastic way to cool off. The sea life will always be the main attraction for me though. The manatees are my favorite!

  98. I’ve never been to SeaWorld! My family and I are totally excited to be going for the first time this summer!

  99. My sister and her kids are coming to San Diego for their first visit… It would be so nice to take them to Sea World for free!!

  100. I have been to Sea World in Orlando, but I’m looking forward to visiting Sea World San Diego when my parents come tovisit in April. How nice if I could win free tickets for all of us!!

  101. I’ve always wanted to go to Sea World, but I live in chilly Pennsylvania! I would love to visit for my first time next month! Thanks for the info, got it from your Twitter!

  102. I would love to win passes!!! I went when I was a kid and I would love to share the same experience with my children, being a single mom it gets expensive so this would be a blessing in more than one way!! (:

  103. Oh my goodnes! My kids are going to San Diego for Spring Break!!! We’ve been to Sea World Orlado and would love to be able to say we’ve done both! Love love love roller coasters and Shamu!!!!

  104. My parents have been taking me since i was a child and now that i’m older its a great way to spend time with my parents and enjoy the other things that i never took notice before as a child

  105. We love Sea World!!! What better excuse to make an additional trip to
    San Diego this year than 4 free passes to Sea World! I’m always looking for an excuse to vacation in San Diego!

  106. woo hoo!!!! i cant wait to go to see world when i win the passes! 🙂 i’m gona take my mom and my little brother and sister! 🙂

  107. I actually will be in San Diego this coming Wednesday March 7 thru the 13th.& would love tickets to Sea World!! My son will be with me and we both loved the Journey to Atlantis. All the shows and rides are tremendously entertaining. I can’t wait to get there…

  108. My kids and I can’t wait to see sunny San Diego this summer after being away for so many years… winning these tickets for a trip to Sea World would be a dream come true for my kids and me.  Fingers crossed!!! 🙂

  109. I have multiple sclerosis ….i would love to win a trip to sea world…while i can still walk and enjoy it….swimming with the dolphins…it on my bucket list.i would give anything to do that before i die!…..but it is first on my list…i didnt know it had rides and so many attractions.

  110. Wow! Sea World has changed so much. Went a few years ago to take my daughter to Spooktacular, it was pretty awesome. Before that hadn’t been in years..Looking forward to going soon to see all the upgrades.

  111. Taking our family vacation in San Diego this year and would love some passes to Sea World! My 4 year old would live these rides!!

  112. My kids love Sesame Street Bay at Play, what I grew up calling Cap’n Kids World. Also my daughter loves the dolphins and could watch them all day. 

  113. My sister hasn’t been since she was an infant. She is turning 13 in march. Would love to be able to take her back. I could always hear the fireworks from my summer camp. I miss SD.

  114. ok i admit it been some time since i was home to S. D. but when did they get rides????
    not when i was there…..  WOW!

  115. I haven’t been to Sea World in more than 12years. My favorite thing to do was to go on the Bayside skyride. The views are truely awesome. I have to make a good effort to get Sea World Summer 2012 to ccheck out the new rides and go on my favorite oldie but goodie.

  116. I would love to go to SeaWorld again it have not been there for many years; I’m finally finishing up my BA in just a few weeks, this would be a great way to celebrate my graduation  🙂  

  117. Can’t wait for the expansion to sea world and to take my son for the first time to enjoy it as much as I do since I was little 🙂

  118. My son and I love Shipwreck Rapids…one not so warm day, we threw on our ponchos and rode it 8 times in a row (no one else was in line)….best time ever!

  119. I’m coming in August on my Honeymoon with my Husband to be and two children! Can’t wait to come visit we are only staying at the Hilton a mile away 🙂 so excited!! Xx

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