Perfect Summer Day: Visiting the Birch Aquarium

Kids Enjoying the Birch Aquarium at Scripps
Kids Enjoying the Birch Aquarium at Scripps

Kids Enjoying the Birch Aquarium at Scripps

Did you know the Birch Aquarium at Scripps in La Jolla is the largest oceanographic museum in the country? From the beautiful coral jellyfish exhibits to the diverse species of Pacific marine life, walking through this aquarium is a great way to get lost in the rhythm of the sea.

Perched on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the aquarium features more than 60 habitats of fishes and invertebrates from the cold waters of the Pacific Northwest to the tropical waters of Mexico and beyond. The museum also features more than five dozen interactive exhibits. One of my son’s favorites is the outdoor tide pool. Visitors have the opportunity to touch and feel seastars, hermit crabs, sea cucumbers, lobsters, and other unique animals local to San Diego’s tide pools.

One event not to be missed is the Birch’s Green Flash Summer Concert Series. Green Flash concerts, open to ages 21+, pair live music with panoramic ocean views on Birch Aquarium’s stunning outdoor Tide-Pool Plaza. Coming Wednesday, August 15th is The Dunwells. Tickets are $27 per person.

Interested in visiting the Birch Aquarium? Comment on this blog by Friday, June 22nd at 10:00 am PST and one lucky person will win four passes to the Birch!

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What would you do on your ideal San Diego Day?

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What is your favorite San Diego outdoor activity?

We love riding our bikes around town.  There are great places to ride in San Diego that kids can handle – Coronado Island, Point Loma or the boardwalk in Pacific Beach are just a few.

Do you prefer burgers and beer or linguine and red wine?

Depends on the day, a good burger and craft brew can really hit the spot, but I would probably end up ordering linguine and white wine.

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124 thoughts on “Perfect Summer Day: Visiting the Birch Aquarium

  1. It’s an amazing aquarium! Though I’m pretty sure there are several other larger aquariums, Birch is definitely not the largest in the country (Monterey Bay and Georgia Aquarium are some of the largest in the world). I know this simply because my father helped design and construct the Birch Aquarium and was the lead aquarist there for many years(he also helped work on the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Long Beach Aquarium, as well as many other international aquariums).

    I spent the first 10 years of my life wandering through every inch of the Birch aquarium, with free access to all the off limits areas behind the scenes, and even caught several types of fish and rays for the kelp forest exhibit. Feeding the octopus was my favorite part of spending the day there! 😀

  2. I’ve lived near SD for 30 Years and never been…guess now that we are moving to SD it would be a great time to visit!

  3. ~ ♥ i have ma lil girl just about to turn four this would tottally brighten up her day . i hope we win it would be fantastic~ ♥~

  4. It would be so much fun to visit the Birch Aquarium and see the sea animals. This would be a great experience for my friends kids to see.

  5. my two boys would love love love going to the aquarium!  they are so fascinated with ocean life! its also a plus when you can transform fun family time into learning time too!

  6. I love San Diego and I would love to take my kids to the Birch Aquarium. They have never been outside of Arizona and I think this would be a good experience for him.

  7. While I don’t live in San Diego, it is my most favorite place on Earth.  I visit every year for the 4th of July and love every second of it!  I’ve never heard of this aquarium and am going to add it to my agenda this year whether I win or not!  Thank you for the information and the opportunity to win this experience!

  8. We haven’t been to the Birch Aquarium in years.  Would love to visit again and see what’s new!

  9. I’m from South America (Argentina), now living in SD. I’ve never been to the Aquarium, but I’ve really been wanting to. People say it’s beautiful!! 🙂

  10. I would love to be able to take my niece here to teach her all about the ocean and marine life!

  11. My wife and I were born on the beach in So Cal and want to come home to enjoy the SUN WARM SAND AWSOME WATER INCREDABLE ATTRACTIONS and Our anniversary …. Send us n our two kidscan see our childhood playland  please…lol

  12. I had so much fun when I visited as a child now it’s time to take my kids. 

  13. Wow! I have been here since April 2010 & didn’t know this place exsisted! This looks amazing.

  14. I would love a vacation an would be very great full, single mother of two and never been anywhere for vacation.

  15. Had a great visit a long time ago. Not sure it fits into my fixed income these days but would like to take those close to me for another visit.

  16. We are coming to San Diego next week because we love to spend time in this beautiful city in the summer. We have not had the opportunity to visit the Birch Aquarium yet and would love to have this experience. Also my son is in the Navy and stationed in San Diego! 

  17. Ie always heard of the birch aquarium butive never been. Id love to check it out

  18. Would love to go.. Lived in SD for 10 years and have never been! Pick me please!

  19. As a New York native and reeeally recent transplant, I would love to see some marine life that isn’t in a cloudy polluted river or hot dog infested ocean!!! Can’t wait to check out the Birch!!

  20. Thats awsome looking wish i can see it in person. I lived in San Diego but never gotten the chance to go see the aquarium. Would like to go see it also been traveling alot with fires and working doing fuels reductions hopefully this summer i can take my son for a father and son trip.

  21. The only aquarium I’ve been to is sea world lol I’m not sure that even counts!

  22. One of the things i need to do after a 10 year extended vacation in Idaho :  Looking forward to visiting the Birch Aquarium  

  23. We have just moved here and I’m excited to take my family to your aquarium soon.

  24. What an amazing place…..visited San Diego my whole life and I have never been… to go!!

  25. I have enjoyed the Aquarium over the years at both locations. Did not know that there were concerts.

  26. Neither my children or I have ever visited the aquarium. As a single mom with 3 kids, it’s not always easy to plan stuff like this. I would love to be able to give them this experience AND discover it along with them since it would be my first visit also. Hopefully I will be able to do that soon.

  27. this would be so fun!! always been fascinated by the ocean and the creatures underneath it to explore and learn about!! if i don’t win, this is going on the to-do list this summer!

  28. Best aquarium! Love it! I will be in San Diego first 2 weeks of August and would Love to go!

  29. We are visiting San Diego in July and would love to go!! =) Heard so many good things about the aquarium. 

  30. Headed that way in July…looks like a great place to go…Watch out Texans on the way!!!

  31. my cousins are coming to visit me and i’d love to show them them the aquarium, especially since one if interested in marine biology as a high school student! 

  32. One of my favorite childhood memories was going to Marineland and with a child who is a fanatic about marine life, this would be the perfect way for us to beat the heat of Phoenix for a few days!!

  33. My little sister would LOVE going to Birch aquarium especially since she’s never been 

  34. I have been in the marine biology world for over 20 years. I would love to go see this Aquarium with my kids, I have never been here before looks so amazing!

  35. I have lived in San Diego all my life and remember visiting berch aquarium as a child. We would love to give our children the chance to explore and learn and respect all of the creatures of the ocean. The is a must see and experience adventure.

  36. I can’t believe in all the time we’ve lived here that we’ve never visited the Aquarium. Even if we don’t win the tickets it’s definitely on our to-do list this year. 

  37. When my daughter was first born, we stopped at Best Buy on the way home from the hospital to get the movie Finding Nemo, as it had came out that day…Nov. 4th, 2003!!!  We played it often and ever since then she has been the biggest ocean lover EVER!!  This would be so awesome for our family!!

  38. I have visited Birch Aquarium before loved it. The concert sounds like
    Fun would love to win.

  39. I’m a native San Diegian, but haven’t been to the Birch Aquarium since I was a child!  Would LOVE to go again!  Thanks for the opportunity.

  40. Although my family only lives about 3 hours from The Birch Aquarium (Yuma, Arizona) we have never gotten the chance to visit. My son is a year and a half old, and I know he would just love it. He loves to watch the “fiss” in our aquarium at home, I can only imagine his reaction to the museum!! :o)

  41. I have worked Birch Aquarium’s Haunted Aquarium for several years now.  I’d love to come during the day and bring my grandkids.  What a fun time for a family.

  42. Beautiful city! Had the pleasure of visiting during spring break, just fell in love with it! Didn’t get to see aquarium, but did spend a lot of time at beaches. Future plans to.move there in 2 years, keep.your fingers crossed!!!

  43. I would love to win to take my two daugthers now that theyre on vacation, something to do in family.

  44. I would love to go!! Been thinking about becoming a memeber!

  45. It would be a gift if I were able to win the tickets for me and my family before I move away to Nevada for college. I want to spend the last time with my family somewhere we havent explored in SD just yet! It would be a great expirence.

  46. I would love to take my 6 month old son to be able to see the aquarium, it would be a great family outing along side with my wife brother and sister.

  47. Ooh! My girlfriend is visiting from Finland and it would be awesome to be able to take her to this!

  48. My 10 years old and 4 years old sisters would be so happy if we could go there together 😀 cant wait

  49. My boyfriend and I willl be visiting San Diego in a few months and it would be AMAZING If we won passes to the Aquarium!! Our funds are limited so I’m not sure we would have a chance to go otherwise.

  50. Just moved here from south Florida! Would love to go to the aquarium out here! Fun giveaway 🙂

  51. OMG i hope i win my daughters would LOVEEEE this! Either or im still goingggg to take them 🙂

  52. It would be so fun to take my two year old. She loves the ocean and fishes. What a great giveaway!

  53. My family went to the Birch Aquarium last year and LOVED it! We are visiting San Diego again in a couple weeks and would love the chance to visit the Birch again!

  54. my team build was at the aquarium back in April. ..we had a great time experiencing everything from outside to inside…I personally enjoyed the fishes and there habitat. …can’t wait to bring my family…thank you birch aquarium for the love of the sea life and San Diego

  55. Awesome I would love to travel from Az with my 11 year old daughter for our 1st visit to the aquarium.

  56. Me! The navy brought us to sunny San Diego and We need to see What it has to offer: )

  57. Would love to get out of the Arizona heat and enjoy the day with my family at the Birch Aquarium!!!

  58. I have lived near San Diego forever and never heard of this aquarium. I know what summer adventure we will be going on. 🙂 So excited.

  59. I will be making a trip to San Diego in August and would love to make a visit to the aquarium while I am there

  60. Dude, I’ve been meaning to go here since I moved into town! I’ll have to bring the friends I have coming in for the 4th of July!

    • hey i have been going there wid my pops since i was little … i am 30 now and it still is fun and never gets bored … u need to also go when they feed the sharks its awesome

  61. I would love to take my two youngest children here, it’s a beautiful place!

  62. I’ve ever had the opportunity to see The Birch Aquarium and I’ve heard so many wonderful things about it. My family and I would love the chance to see and learn more about this beautiful Aquarium!

  63. My 2 y.o. grandson just loves aquariums…it’s all he talks about! I’d love to bring him over from Phoenix, along with his parents & infant brother…Thanks! 🙂

  64. I thought the only acquarium in southern Cali was in Long Beach. I’m happy to learn there’s more. I want to visit and explore it.

  65. I am coming to SD this weekend to celebrate me and my bfs 4 year anniversary and would love to come visit this aquarium! 🙂

  66. I recently moved to San Diego and can’t wait to visit the Birch Aquarium!  Maybe I’ll catch a concert with some friends before visiting. 🙂

  67. Oh how great it would be to come back and visit my favorite city!! San Diego, the city with so much entertainment and the best weather all year round!!!!

  68. this comes as such a Pleasant Surprise to me….. never knew about this wonderful place to take my family!!!  We are spending 4 days in SD next month, driving over from Phoenix.   my two daughters (7&9) absolutely LOVE sea life!  my oldest already talks about becoming a Marine Biologist but at the moment she can’t understand how to do that living in our land-locked state! LOL

    Best Wishes for an Exciting Summer @ The Aquarium : )
    We would be tickled if you choose us as winners of the 4-pack!!!!
    K.Nylen/ glendale, AZ

  69. We Love Birch Aquarium….have not been in a few years …would love to win tickets!!

  70. My 7 year old daughter and I are looking forward to visiting the Birch Aquarium!  Here’s hoping our first visit is with free tickets!  🙂

  71. I would love to take my kids to the Birch! We are brand new San Diego residents, looking for cool places to visit regularly 🙂 This looks great! 

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