San Diego Summer Sizzles and Swizzles at Altitude Sky Lounge

Altitude Sky Lounge
Altitude Sky Lounge

Altitude Sky Lounge atop the San Diego Marriott Gaslamp Quarter

Celebrate summer’s late sunsets (8:00 pm today!) with the spectacular views from Altitude Sky Lounge, open 5:00 pm to 1:00 am daily. Perched on the 22 story of the San Diego Marriott Gaslamp Quarter, a particularly beautiful sunset can be captured here, setting low over San Diego Bay, framed by Point Loma peninsula and the Coronado bridge with the occasional Dole cargo ship passing though. You’ll also enjoy the mountains in the east and Mexico in the south with a bird’s eye view of all the action at Petco park in the forground.

Want to stay past closing? You can! Comment below for a chance to win a 1 night stay for 2 people at the San Diego Marriott Gaslamp Quarter. Winner will be chosen on Friday, June 22, 2012 at 10:00 am. Summer has never been so sweet! What would you do if you won?

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What would you do on your ideal San Diego Day?

For me, a perfect day always involves something I haven't done before. And even though I grew up  in San Diego, there is SO much to do I can usually find a way to make any day ideal. Next on the list is paragliding at Torrey Pines. I also need to meet more people with boats. Anyone?

What is your favorite San Diego outdoor activity?

I am a sucker for street fairs, county fairs, music festivals and block parties. The weather is always nice, the food is always sinful and the people are always interesting. I've been to the San Diego County Fair 3 times already!!!

Do you prefer burgers and beer or linguine and red wine?

Tacos. Why does this question not include tacos? Fish tacos, carne asada, carnitas, shrimp, lobster, chorizo, vegetarian- I don't care. Put it in a corn tortilla and give it to me. Or any creation by the fabulous Jason Knibb over at 9-10 Restaurant in La Jolla.

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184 thoughts on “San Diego Summer Sizzles and Swizzles at Altitude Sky Lounge

  1. We’re
    big fans of the the Altitude Sky Lounge and we have to say, winning an
    after hours stay at this spot would definitely be a treat! Hint:
    seriously everyone should bring their cameras when visiting. The view is

  2. i’d love to be able to give my son and his wife the night away. they’re both struggling so hard to make ends meet that they forgot how to have fun. and San Diego has it all for them. i’d love to see the pictures of them relaxing on the beach with a smile on their faces.

  3. WOW !!!  I’d love to win a night stay at the San Diego Marriott!!! It looks fabulous!!!!

  4. Congratulations Dawn on winning a night at the San Diego Marriott Gaslamp! Enjoy your stay in SD!

  5. I will take my wife of 23 years and enjoy all the views of San Diego through her eyes from the best place in town!

  6. ~♥ omg lovely .. belive it or not i have never been to the gaslamp .. i cant wait ive been a stay at home mommy and need of a night out with ma hubby , this would be perfect . i sure hope i win this one ! luv san diego …♥~

  7. I would love to stay at the San Diego Marriott Gaslamp Quarter and celebrate our two year anniversary. The Altitude Sky Lounge is a spectacular place to celebrate and enjoy the view of San Diego. It would be a perfect vacation get away to see the beautiful sights of San Diego.

  8. if I won I would take my fiance since he’s never been to San Diego!! I love San Diego and would love to share this experience with him.

  9. That would be AWESOME….We do everything with our child….night without him…:)

  10. one year anniversary is coming up! this would be a GREAT place to spend a nice evening out with the love of my life. 🙂

  11. Ahhhh! This would be so romantic. Beautiful views, glass of wine, great dinner, then off to sleep in a beautiful room. Now that’s would be a amazing summer night.

  12. Wow this would be so nice if I won, I would defiantly take my husband there with me. It would be a well deserved night to are selves, something we have not been able to do or have in a long long time. So I pray that you pick me! 🙂

  13. Omg how awesome is this place I can’t wait to see it in person I could really use a mini vacation 🙂

  14. Love staycations! I’d love to spend a night exploring San Diego ending at Altutude!

  15. I would take my girlfriend out who recently turned 21 to a nice dinner then hit up altitude bar for an awesome finish to the night.

  16. Wow, this looks amazing! I have not yet been here. I know a very deserving couple who is need of a romantic “getaway”. 

  17. The atmosphere up there is exciting. You are in the middle of downtown and yet you can see the bay area and enjoy the sunsets. I have a couple of ideas of how to spend a romantic evening there.

  18. If i win, i would surpise my girl with a beautiful sunset enagement and kiss our night away with our love we shared enjoying the pleasant views surroundings.

  19. the marriot hotels are the best just stayed at one in newport best service and food mmmmmmm

  20. I’d finally get a nice night out having drinks with my boyfriend, with the best view of san diego (other than the bridge) and not have to worry about who’s driving home

  21. I would LoVE to win this, single mother of two and never been on vacation.

  22. I have always wanted to go here, I would surprise my sweet boyfriend with a date if I won :). I don’t make very much money so it’d be nice to treat him for a change.

  23. I would love to stay past closing at the Marriott! I’ve only been to Altitude once and loved the view of Petco Park and the Gaslamp District in general. Please pick me!

  24. There was once a hotel in the Gaslamp
    Where I have always dreamed to camp
    If I ever had the chance
    I’d all night dance
    And walk out in the morning like a champ!

  25. If I won I would take my husband, who was my high school sweetheart and after 10 years apart we finally got married. We have two small children now and never get to go away for the night!

  26. I saw this post on Google+. I’ll be in town next weekend! Hook me up!

  27. Omg! This would be awesome! I will be in San Diego in early August and would love to stay here! I grew up in San Diego and love whenever I can visit!

  28. This would be great for me & my love!! Being new parents to an amazing little girl, we could use the day to enjoy not only Altitude, but gorgeous San Diego & maybe catch up on some sleep 😉

  29. If I won I’d give it to my parents for their 21st anniversary. With five kids from the ages of 10-20 years old I’m sure they’d be ecstatic about this once in a life opportunity. 🙂

  30. I would Love to go here as I have been to San Diego for the first time last summer and fell in love! I have not seen the sun setting…Me and My husband are coming back for a month in August as its also My 50th Birthday….We have such Wonderful Chosen Family and Friends here! To Win would mean SO Much…..<3

  31. That is pretty neat. I would take a nice little getaway with my girlfrined.

  32. This would be wonderful to win!!! Will be our first time in San Diego this summer and what a wonderful opportunity this would be!! =)

  33. If I won this, I would give it To my aunt and uncle to use because they give me alot and I would love to give something back to them

  34. I’ve always wanted to stay at the Marriott Gaslamp!  It’s SO beautiful!!!  I love the Gaslamp Quarter too.  🙂

  35. went to san diego last year in july for the first time ever! now that i live in california, would love to go back to see this from the roof tops!

  36. My BFF brags about San Diego all the time. Would love to check it out 🙂 

  37. I’m visiting California from the UK and travelling around it this summer with my boyfriend… San Diego is the last place we are visiting in California, would be great to get to stay somewhere so luxurious to end our trip 🙂

  38. I’m from Nebraska and will be visiting San Diego next week for the first time. If I won I’d fly my husband out and extend my business trip for an extra day and we’d enjoy exploring the city together.

  39. I love Altitude !  I was vacationing in SD last September & my friend took me there for the first time – great view of Petco & love the drinks !

  40. I have visited SD 3 times with SD Go Card biannual. I CHOSE San Diego to vacation there over Los Angeles because they have LOTS to offer on the SD Card that saved me money. I took a friend of mine who went for the first time back in 2010 cause I assured her she will fall in love with that city and she did! Guess what she said to me not too long ago? She wants to go back there this year to do it all again!!! It would be a honor to win a night stay at this hotel with her if by chance. The picture below was taken at Birch Aquarium in 2010.

    Many thanks!

    •  In addition to my last comment, if I won, I will be out and about to experience convention center across from this hotel, shopping, restaurants, get on top of Altitude Sky to enjoy breathtaking view of San Diego Bay, walking around inside of Marriott Gaslamp hotel and meeting people!

  41. If I won a night @ Marriott gaslamp I would invite my closest friends and enjoy the night @ altitude and gaslamp district. I actually had my wedding pictures done at altitude and everyone stayed at the Marriott. I would love to return to celebrate the memories!!

  42. My boyfriend and I had no date night in a VERY long time. We have 2 small children and 2 hectic jobs. We barely see each other and we love each other so much. We are great parents together but sometimes we just need our own playdate.

  43. love san diego, moved to washington (vancouver) and have been home sick since…..

  44. I’d use the amazing stay in San Diego to soak up the California sun before I am off to Iowa for 4 years for college! I’ll be missing it when I get stuck in the snow! :p

  45. I would love to come back to San Diego!! I miss this city so much.  You know what I’d do?? ENJOY EVERY MINUTE!!!

  46. I would love a romantic getaway with my husband. We celebrate 15 years tomorrow!

  47. Two years ago, this month, my husband and I got married at the Prado and got a honeymoon suite at the Gaslamp Marriott. It would be great if we could celebrate there for our anniversary!

  48. If I won, I would jump in my car and drive as fast as I can from my house in Prescott, Arizona, til I arrived at the San Diego Marriott! Much needed break from the kids and the husband!

  49. Enjoy all the wonders of the SD Marriot Gaslamp, our amazing weather, views and blog, post and tweet about this fabulous experience!  Wooohoo

  50. Looks like fun!! Hope I win 😀 Looking forward to checking out Gaslamp Quarter!

  51. If i won, I would have a romantic night away with the hubby!  I was born in San Diego and it would be nice to show him where the real fun is!!:)

    • Im not sure if my last post got posted: So posting again!

      I would pick the love of my life to spend the night at the gorgeous San Diego Marriott Hotel with me.  We would spend our day time walking around the Seaport Village and take lots of pictures because there will never be enough pictures for me to get bored looking at.  We’d go to lunch near there and possibly dip our feet in the ocean to cool off.  I would want to walk to the West Field Mall near the gaslamp because I love to window shop!  I window shop because I don’t have the money to buy all the wonderful items.  Then we would check in at the hotel, enjoy the view from the hotel, shower, and get ready for a fun night out with my man!  I have never been to the House of Blues so I’d want to go there and then after that where ever my man wants to go, which will probably be a bar. Take lots of pictures!!!…then walk back to the hotel, shower, and fall asleep in his arms on a big fluffy bed.  And that’s what I would do if I win this contest.

  52. We could totally have a “Hangover” Part 3 at your place if you pick us 😉

  53. What a beautiful view! I want to move down to San Diego soon and this would be a perfect opportunity to check everything out. There is no place like San Diego!

  54. We just moved to this amazing city. I would love to surprise my wife with a weekend out. Plus we love Marriott.

  55. Used to live in San Diego, and this is my travel city of choice.  We usually try to get down there a couple times a year!  Padre/Charger games!  

  56. Would love to experience the beauty and night life of San Diego Gaslamp Quarter..

  57.  Went to the Sky Lounge to pregame for a Padre game. Best part was you can watch the game from the Bar!

  58. Date night with the boyfriend!  I couldn’t think of a better surprise!!  🙂

  59. I’d love to stay when I come to San Diego next month with my girlfriends, after a night out at Altitude.

  60. It will be a fun thing to experience with this beautiful summer.. 🙂

  61. never been to SanDiego…my father passed away there 27yrs ago while on business …before he passed away he had called and said that SanDiego was the most beautiful place he has ever been to…would love to share/see what he seen in his last days!

  62. It looks beautiful and would be a wonderful break – home away from home – for one night!

  63. Enjoy the view, the company, and embrace my life…the good, bad, all of it.  Might have to have a yummy martini too 😉

  64. Coming to San Diego from Brisbane Australia in November for my 60th birthday love the place,thinking very seriously of moving there,have visited San diego 4 times,and it would really make a beautiful birthday present staying at luxury establishment like this

  65. Have an amazing time as a mother of 4 and invite some girls to meet at the club for a nice night at the lounge!!!

  66. What a spectacular view and a perfect spot for two newlyweds to celebrate their marriage! 🙂 Pick my husband and I!

  67. I am a single mother of 2 1/2 year old twin boys! The possibilities are endless!

  68. I’d take my kids and I out of the 108 degree heat here in Phoenix! Ahhhh!!!!

  69. this Miami girl and my new hubby are headed to San Diego for vacation for my birthday in August….can’t wait to visit the San Diego Marriott Gaslamp Quarter AND the Altitude Sky Lounge!

  70. I would love for my husband and I to stay here.  We need a getaway from this 100 degree heat here in NM.  We love San Diego.

  71. Well, if we won that would mean we would stay the night. If we stay the night, that means no one has to drive. If neither of us have to drive then we would probably drink an extra several adult beverages at ALTITUDE SKY LOUNGE, a spot we have been meaning to check out anyway. And, it would be an amazing stay-cation for me and my lady. Pick us! We are fun and friendly, and will spend PLENTY at the bar to make up for the free night!! 🙂 Hahahahahaha

  72. I never thought I would miss anyplace like I do San Diego.  Hope to visit soon.  I need my dose of Coronado, Chula Vista Marina, Gaslamp, Pac. Beach, Ocean Beach, downtown, Banker’s Hill, Hillcrest.  I could just go on and on…

  73. I would relax and enjoy the view, weather, and atmosphere in the best city in the USA!

  74. When I lived in San Diego in 2011 I enjoyed every second of it. So peaceful and reminds me of my mission, goals and dreams in life. I love that in the word alone “Sky” is at a good altitude with beautiful views of San Diego’s beautiful scenerys. I left L.A> alone to work hard and live somewhere completely unknown. Now that Im living in Hollywood I wold have to give the credit to AMericas Finest City for comforting me in my new jpurney that I am currently walking through.

  75. would be great to get out of the heat and stay in beautiful San Diego at the beautiful SD Marriott.

  76. spend an exciting weekend with my lady enjoying the most beautiful sunsets and a glass of wine!

  77. It would be the honeymoon we never had!  With 4 kids its too hard to get away and go anywhere  🙁

  78. This is a great place to be. San Diego has everything to offer. This would be a great stay-cation for me and the husband.

  79. My wife and I are thinking of moving to San Diego and a stay past Sunset at Altitude Sky Lounge could possibly would win us over. We would be able to see San Diego at its very best atop the San Diego Marriott Gaslamp Quarter 🙂

  80. Never stopped by but I should check it out one day lemme get some motivation

  81. What would I do if I won? Um, I’d get my husband out there and convince him that THAT is where we should be living!

  82. This would be an awesome way to close out our time in the area.  Hubby is retiring from the military and we would love one more night on the town before moving to the other side of the country.  🙂

  83. My family loves to escape the HOT, HOT Arizona summers by going to San Diego.  The GasLamp Quarter is one of my favorite places to visit.  I’d love to start planning my next trip this weekend by getting some awesome news.  I Love San Diego!

  84. Can’t wait to see how the Gas Light Quater and San Diego skyline has changed since I moved away in 1977!

  85. just moved to SD, it would be so sweet to stay at a sweet hotel and see admire the view 🙂

  86. San Diego is one of my favorite places and I usually stay at a Marriott. But I’ve never stayed at the Marriott Gaslamp Quarter. The Gaslamp area is really nice and the night life is lots of fun! The improvements continually being done in that area is fantastic! I would love to have some fun and see the views from the Altitude Sky Lounge!! How could you go wrong at a Marriott?

  87. Would love to say there for our 25th annivresary!!  I love San Diego – wish we could afford to live there!!!

  88. Love San Diego, we love coming down to the zoo, balboa park checking out the latest areas like Gaslamp. So, were always looking for a Fun new place to stay. Looking forward to enjoying what you have to offer!!

  89. We are going there next weekend for a military graduation, and have not yet secured a place to stay.  This would help out a great deal, that’s for sure.  Would definitely save some money for other sights in and near the Gaslamp Quarter.

  90. Haven’t been to San Diego in years and would love the chance to go back.  My favorite place!!!

  91. We cime down every spring/summer and love the Marriot. They treat us like royalty and the rooms are great.

  92. Me and my Family are from Oregon City, Or. We will be traveling to Mexico for a mission trip and then when back in California will be staying in San Diego for a few days visiting family…..we hope to move to San Diego in the next couple years. It would be great to check out ‘the roof-top’ !!!!
    Please pick me

  93. I would love to win. I’m in need of a vacation desperately. It looks so peaceful.

  94. I visit San Diego often and I would love to visit the Altitude Sky Loungue. The view looks awesome. 🙂

  95. I would love to go to the beach this summer with only my Husband. we will be married 8 years & have never been on a Vacation together. It would be an amazing treat…
    Cara Cozzolino-Lohff

  96. San Diego, Gaslamp Quarter, Altitude Sky Lounge and the Marriott are #1 on my summer wish list!

  97. It looks beautiful. I’ve never been here but I’ve always wanted to go. Please pick me

  98. Ive never had the chance to stay here, but of course would love to! So, please pick me so I can take my wife for a awesome night stay here and enejoy the weather and incerdible views!!!

  99. I would love to win I’m from montana just moved here and would love to win this 🙂

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