Behind the Scenes on a Caravan Safari at San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Giraffes - Caravan Safari - San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Giraffes get up-close and personal on the Caravan Safari at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park makes a weekend jaunt to the African Plains possible – no passport required! And there is no better time to visit the park, as San Diego’s slightly cooler winter temperatures and sunny skies provide the perfect setting to enjoy one of their numerous safari experiences. I recently got up-close and personal with a host of giraffes, rhinos and gazelles on a lovely day in San Diego during a Caravan Safari at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

Read to the bottom for details on how to enter to win tickets to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

Behind the Scenes on a Caravan Safari

Feeding a Giraffe - Caravan Safari - San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Feeding Bagetti, a Uganda giraffe, at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

The Caravan Safari travels through the park’s two largest enclosures, the African Plains and the Asian Savanna. The African Plains is home to the elegant and endangered Uganda Giraffe, who is anything but shy. It must be common knowledge that each caravan comes equipped with a bucket of Acacia leaves (the giraffe’s favorite food), for within moments we are surrounded by the tall, dappled creatures, ready for their leafy treat and requisite photo-op.

Petting a Rhino - Caravan Safari - San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Petting a one-horned rhino in the Asian Savanna at San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

When the caravan travels to the Asian Savanna, it’s a bucket of apples that tempts the one-horned rhino to stop by our truck. And while she enjoyed her apple treat, being in such close contact with a large, wild and powerful creature was treat enough for us on board.

White Rhino - Caravan Safari - San Diego Zoo Safari Park

San Diego Zoo Safari Park has the most successful captive rhino breeding program in the world.

The tour was filled with interesting and entertaining information about the animals at Safari Park, most of whom are there due to Safari Park’s extremely successful conservation and breeding programs. They have the most successful captive rhino breeding program in the world and are helping increase numbers amongst the endangered Uganda giraffe, with a total of 115 calves born and more on the way this year. All in all, the upgrade experience at Safari Park is a win-win for everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed getting personal with my favorite animal ambassadors, and my ticket price went to keeping the world’s animal populations at a healthy equilibrium. It’s a holiday gift anyone would enjoy giving or receiving!

Giraffe Close Up - Caravan Safari - San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Giraffe hoping I have acacia leaves to eat at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park Information

Address: 15500 San Pasqual Valley Road, Escondido, CA 92027-7017 (map)
Phone Number: 800.407.9534 (Toll-Free) 619.718.3000

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102 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes on a Caravan Safari at San Diego Zoo Safari Park

  1. I have a 5 and 4 year old who love Giraffe’s. I would love to have a chance to win tickets to the Safari Park it would be a great adventure for my girls and seeing there faces as these wonderful animals come up to them will brighten up their day as well as mine.

  2. I personally have a thing for elephants. They are awesome creatures. But the real reason i am entering is for my girlfriend because she would die if she saw her favorite animal, the giraffe, in person! Thanks!

  3. I love all of the safari animals…but the giraffes are my favorite. I love how they allow you to feed them and they have gorgeous eyes! I will be traveling to San Diego with my family for the first time ever next Summer and winning these tickets would be a dream come true. Thanks for all you do. 🙂

  4. I’m a new San Dieho resident and haven’t had the priviledge of seeing what the safari park has to offer! Giraffes are my favorite- love the printed coat! Please send me a few new friends 🙂

  5. Elephants are my favorite Safari Park animal. They are not only physically big, but have huge hearts. Would love to take my 3 nieces and nephews to see them so they developed an appreciation for them to!

  6. My favorite animal would have to be the elephants. I just love to sit and watch how they interact with one another. A few years back we were there and we got to experience the actual birth of one. It was great to see new life!

  7. Congratulations Ashley Deas! You’ve won 4 San Diego Zoo Safari Park Tickets! Thank you everyone for your comments. I’m glad you all love the giraffes and other animals at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park as much as I do.

  8. My favorite safari park animal is the giraffe. We saw a baby giraffe trying to reach over the side wall with her tongue to get some grass. So cute!

  9. wow thanks for this great contest, would love to take my lil ones to the safari park they have never been there before, thanks

  10. My kids & I have never been to the Wild Animal Park and this would be an awesome opportunity to see these beautiful animals upclose. They love the zoo pandas and giraffes are the favorites there. #giraffes#1

  11. We love all the animals, it’s impossible to pick just one! The beautiful & serene environment takes you away to a enchanting environment where anything is possible with a little imagination. The San Diego Zoo Safari Park brings a little exotic adventure and a lot of fun to Americas finest city!

  12. My favorite Safari animal is the giraffe. They are soo cute!! I love their long tongues and how loving they are.

  13. my lil girl would just love to ride the train and see all the wonderful animals at the safari park,happy holidays

  14. We Have never been to the safari park, but I’m sure we all would love the big cats!

  15. My daughter’s favorite safari animal is the elephant. She watches
    an Elmo DVD all day long. She likes to play along with Elmo when he makes
    believe he is an elephant. She has never seen an elephant, and this would be a
    great opportunity. Where we live at there are no tourist places because, it is
    a small town. If we would like to do any of this we would need to travels a few
    hours but, I am sure it is worth it.

  16. have not been to wild animal park since I was a kid this would be awesome to visit all the animals

  17. I love the cheetahs. My favorite visit was when a little cheetah kitten was on view near the veterinary area. So adorable!

  18. My absolute favorite are the parrots and. Being able to feed them and the reaction my boyfriend gets when it lands on top of his head!

  19. My favorite safari animal is the giraffe because they are so tall and beautiful. I love San Diego safari but haven’t been there since I was a child.
    Monica g.
    Moreno Valley,CA

  20. I enjoy mostly San Diego Zoo,Not only because it is near by,We enjoy the great attractions,the animals are our favorite part of it all, I enjoy the animals and so does my daughter we enjoy and love them very much, it has been a while since we have had the opportunity to go back,but we would love to come see your beautiful park again my daughter,Fiance and myself,it would be greatly appreciated,Thank you for your generosity!!!!

  21. We would love to see the giraffes! I would love to take my new baby girl to the San Diego Zoo!

  22. My favorite Safari Park animal is by far, hands down the monkeys!!!!!! How could you not those little butterballs 😉

  23. My favorite are the Tigers! I havent been in years, it would be nice to see how the park has changed. 🙂

  24. What an amazing experience this would be to share with my nephews. I have visited safari park several times but this would be an experience of a lifetime!

    • It posted before I had a chance to say my favorite part to safari park is the tram ride thru the safari. Love seeing all of the animals; hard to pick just one. I truely enjoy watching the lions. 🙂

  25. My family has never been, my husband was just stationed here a few months ago, but with 4 kids it’s a little pricey to make it there! My kids love the zoo! They would love to see every animal, especially the giraffes. My 3 year old thinks their tongues are hilarious! I would love to give my children this experience!!

  26. The giraffes,the elephants,the cheetahs,all are so be able to be that close to such beautiful animals is a feeling like no other.hope to win,would love to take my kids they would love it.

  27. It’s a hard choice between the giraffes and the elephants, but I would have to say giraffes!

  28. I moved to San Diego 2 months ago and would love to go to the Safari Park, my favorite animal would be the giraffes – seeing them would be brilliant

  29. I absolutely love giraffes. They are such graceful creatures. I can watch them forever. I would love an up close & personal safari tour. Thanks 🙂

  30. It’s been too long since I went maybe 3-4 years. I loved that park and you can go ziplining, I believe. One of the best parks and love San Diego as well.

  31. I’ve never been ad have not had the time or money to come back to California. I love the giraffes though, my daughter loves to feed them and watch their long tongues. Would love to come visit.
    Yvette G.
    Mesa, Az

  32. I would LOVE to see the King of Beasts, the lion! I am from a foreign country and stay in San Diego for four months. This adventure would make my trip to San Diego even better!!

  33. My favorite Safari Park animal is the Giraffe! If I had a giraffe, I would nickname him “Stretch.” Or perhaps “Daddy Longlegs.” We have a really tall family, so we can relate to giraffes…they tend to stand out in a crowd.

  34. I love seeing all the animals.I have twin granddaughters that would love to see all of the animals.Plus I love going to San Diego to go shopping.

  35. We never been there before, we only have a year living here but definitely all of them are awesome! Very different and peculiar… really beautiful! Not for nothing the San Diego Zoo is considered one of the best in the world! 🙂 I would love to see it by my self one day!!!

  36. I love the adrenaline. That’s why I LOVE all the Safari Park Animal. But especially I prefer the giraffes 🙂

  37. I would love to see all the animals, I’ve heard so many great things about the zoo.

    We are going to be visiting san diego from all the way in Canada, for the first time over the holidays and we are so excited to visit the zoo. Winning this contest would make that expierience AMAZING.

  38. We really enjoy them all but have a great time watching the gorillas! The little one is a barrel of laughs!

  39. I love ALL animals….Really enjoy seeing all the babies….and if I had to pick one animal it would have to be Giraffe….Thank you for the opportunity to win tickets 🙂

  40. How can I choose I guess the looooooooove the giraffes…. especially if they can come up to you & you can put their carrots right into their mouths. It makes me grateful for the life’s simple pleasures! 😀

  41. I’ve had a zoo pass for a couple years now and I’m ashamed to say that I STILL haven’t made a trip to the Safari park! I absolutely love animals and elephants are one of my favorite animals. Winning these tickets would make my first trip to the Safari Park definitely one to remember!

  42. I am a Safari animal lover. So my favorite Safari Park animal is ALL of them, no exceptions!!! Because they all deserve to be loved by their visitors. In the photo, the Cheetah and I. 🙂

  43. Definitely the giraffes. The kids start chanting “Giraffes. Giraffes. Giraffes” as we get closer.

  44. My daughters favorite animal is the Zebra. She is looking forward to seeing them when we come out for Christmas. Christmas at the Zoo and the day after at the Safari Park.

  45. My favorite Safari Park animal is the LIONS!!!!!! I could watch them sleep and play all day!

  46. The Lion and Cheetah are amazing animal. I love San Diego it is just drop down gorgeous. Talking from a person who is from the east coast, SD is one amazing city.

  47. The giraffes are incredible and so beautiful with their loooong eyelashes. I would love to share this gift with my 3 adult stepkids coming out to visit for Christmas!!!

  48. I fly to san diego this winter. Ky kids eager to feed the big animals like rhino and giraffe. I cannot believe i can stand by them so close!

  49. I LOVE GIRAFFES!!!!!!! I’ve always wanted to be up close and feed the giraffes. I have not had the pleasure of experiencing this phenomenal chance. 43 years and counting & I’m a native San Diegan!

  50. We love the Wild Animal Park!!! Haven’t been to it in a long time – miss seeing the beautiful strong Gorillas! Those are our favorites!

  51. The elephants & giraffes are my favorite to visit at Safari Park but I would definitely love to get up close & personal with the giraffes. The white flamingos are so beautiful!

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