Ode to Legoland

There is a place in San Diego I have been to many, many times. It’s a place we go when we have friends and family visit. We go when the weather is nice and we go when the weather isn’t so nice. We go during the holidays, on weekends, weekdays and even for a field trip. It is simply one of my son’s favorite places – Legoland. He’s 7 and like most boys his age; he LOVES Legos. This weekend, my daughter wasn’t feeling well, so she stayed home with dad and Brett had Legoland to himself (or at least I think he felt that way). So what’s a boy to do when he doesn’t have to share Legoland with his sister or family? Have fun!

We started with the Coast Cruise ride, which surprised me because it is usually the first ride we take newcomers on. The leisurely boat ride takes you “around the world” as you see famous monuments made from Legos. The Sydney Opera House, Taj Mahal, and Eifel Tower are all on display. Next we headed to Miniland. We could spend forever here checking out the amazing recreations of American cities. During the Halloween season, Legoland will have many of the Lego people dressed up in costume. You can also find an apple bopping party, a kids costume party and other fun Halloween related events.

During this trip, we rode some of Brett’s favorite rides, The Dragon, Lost Kingdom Adventure, and Coastersaurus. After lunch, Brett got his driver’s license at the Volvo Driving School. You can even have your picture taken and made into a “real” license. At the end of our day, nothing would be complete without stopping by The Big Shop and looking at all the new Lego toys.

Be sure to check out Legoland Saturdays in October for their Brick-or-Treat Celebration. I know we will be there!

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About Suzzanne

I love to buy books, but seldom actually finish one. I like african violets, my iPhone, and everything that smells like lavender.  I am seriously adverse to the cold and am known to bring a sweatshirt to the beach in the summer.  I have two kids – a boy whose 10 and a girl 12.

What would you do on your ideal San Diego Day?

It would start by having breakfast somewhere near the ocean – either Pannikin in Encinitas or Beach Grass Café in Solana Beach.  Then we would head to the beach hang out for a few hours, head home and then catch a concert in the park in Balboa Park.

What is your favorite San Diego outdoor activity?

We love riding our bikes around town.  There are great places to ride in San Diego that kids can handle – Coronado Island, Point Loma or the boardwalk in Pacific Beach are just a few.

Do you prefer burgers and beer or linguine and red wine?

Depends on the day, a good burger and craft brew can really hit the spot, but I would probably end up ordering linguine and white wine.

Latest music purchases for my iPod player are…

Snow Patrol, O.A.R., Mike Moran, Eric Hutchinson

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5 thoughts on “Ode to Legoland

  1. The best ride in Legoland is Fun Town Police and Fire Academy. I will let Legoland’s website describe it: “families pile into a fire truck and power it by pumping levers up and down as they race other families to put out the “fire”. The first family to make it back wins.”

  2. Did they have any of the new Harry Potter Lego sets on preview when you were there? The new Lego Hogwarts Castle and Lego Hogwarts Express were just released this month, and they are really spectacular!

  3. I just found your blog. My family and I are going to be vacationing in San Diego around Thanksgiving and I am looking for some great things to do and some great deals. I love blogs that save me money and I was wondering if you have any tips and suggestions about places to go and things to do on a budget. We definitely want to go to the zoo and we were thinking about Lego Land too. Thanks!

  4. I love taking my son to Legoland, its probably one of the most adventurous and fun theme parks out there. The good thing about Legoland is the convenience and location. I definitely love the “experiences” that they have.

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