Spring Break in San Diego

Travel & Leisure recently named San Diego as the #3 destination for Best Time to Visit – Spring Break. And why wouldn’t we be? From beaches to attractions to the best weather in the country (we were named #1 for weather!); San Diego has so much to offer.

One great way to see San Diego’s best attractions, museums and general sightseeing is the Go San Diego Card. With the Go San Diego Card, visitors can purchase 3, 5, and 7 day cards that will give you entrance into over 50 San Diego area venues. Popular itineraries include the San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld, Legoland California, Safari Park, USS Midway Museum, and the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. But those are just suggestions, with so many options, you can customize your Spring Break into whatever you like. The folks at Go San Diego Card tell us that some popular options for Spring Break include the rides at Belmont Park, Bike and Kayak tours in La Jolla (kayak rentals or beach cruisers) or “ride the wave” at the Wave House Athletic Club. And even better, the Go San Diego Cards are unlimited and work for consecutive days.

Interested in trying the Go San Diego Cards for your Spring Break? Comment on the blog below and one lucky winner will win 4 Go San Diego Cards. Comment by Monday, March 21st at 10:00 a.m.

105 thoughts on “Spring Break in San Diego

  1. I enjoy living in San Diego and Visiting the many attactions and resturants with my wife and kids! Always so much to do…never enough time to do it! I would LOVE the gift cards to explore the many places I have never been!
    Thank You & Have A GREAT Day! 😉

  2. I can’t wait til the summer comes! It’s my favorite time of year because I get to enjoy everything that our city has to offer, including the San Diego county fair!

  3. I’m from Texas & my daughter lives in San Diego. When I get to visit there, it’s always so beautiful! My favorite ,is going to the beaches. The shopping area’s &restaurant’s are great. We’ve never not found something to do & enjoy in San Diego!

  4. Luis, the Balboa Park museums are great. The kids would particularly enjoy the Fleet Science Museum and the Model Railroad Museum (Which is very affordable). Spending time on the beach is always a great way to spend a San Diego day. San Diego Botanical gardens (formerly known as Quail Gardens) is beautiful and great for kids.

    Of course since I’m the author of The Unauthorized Legoland Guidebook I would say a trip to LEGOLAND is a must. They are working on a Star Wars Miniland that will be really fun for school age kids.

  5. Would love to win! I live in Hershey, PA but my daughter lives in beautiful San Diego so I always have a great reason to visit! Just love it out there

  6. My family loves San Diego! I wouldn’t raise my children anywhere else. The the educational possibilities here are endless, and we make it so FUN! 😉

  7. Just returned from a vacation in Jan- will be back in Jan 2012! We especially enjoyed the beaches, shopping, and beautiful gardens! San Diego for retirement (someday) here we come 🙂

  8. I travel from Sacramento to San Diego about twice a year just to enjoy it’s many treasures ! I love the downtown ballpark and the addition of the downtown maritime museum. There is alot of hidden treasures that I still would to explore if I were to win a San Diego card !! Keep it up San Diego you are my # 1 travel spot when I need a break from my hometown … Luv Ya

  9. We haven’t been to San Diego in four years and I hear lots has changed, besides Sea World and Legoland, what are the best attractions for kids 7 and 8 years old?

  10. What a great way to plan a vacation or a weekend getaway!!

    See below for info(taken from the site)

    The Go San Diego Card gets you into 50 of San Diego’s top attractions and saves you up to 55% off the cost of separate tickets. Perfect for active sightseers, the Go San Diego Card is your admission pass to the best things to do in San Diego.

    You don’t even need to decide what to do in advance. Just choose how many consecutive days you want your card to last. Visit unlimited attractions each day. Save big.

    FREE SeaWorld pass with 3,5 & 7 day cards
    FREE admission to all attractions with card
    Full-color guidebook included

  11. Since moving to Temecula and my children not being little anymore all our family trips back to SD became far and few between, but now we added a new generation and we are making plans for my (BIG)birthday for a week of “couple” fun this is PERFECT timing. Since my bf is from LA, he has not been to all these wonderful attractions and some of these I forgot to mention to him as he is making our plans… MAHALO

  12. Im from San Digeo moved to the east coast about 20 yrs ago havent visited home in about 12 yrs miss it so much. Wish i could win something like this. It would be great to visit all the things that i did when i was a child and for my two kids to see where i grew up.

  13. Good luck to whoever wins! If living here is so agreeable, I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to vacation here! Yeah…come on in! And that’s the best part -the welcome!

  14. My wife told me about this and I had to take the opportunity to try and win these card for my kids. San Diego is without a doubt America’s Finest City and I am lucky enough to experience that first hand every day.

  15. San Diego is a great place to visit any time of year. The weather is always nice. There are so many great beaches and attractions to visit!!

  16. I really hope I win that Go San Diego Card, times have been tough (for everyone, I know)but this would mean the WORLD to my kids and my kids mean the WORLD to me. Please choose me.

  17. I am in the Navy! So my wife and two children and I have been stationed here for almost three weeks! As difficult as it is to uproot, San Diego’s beauty has made it much easier on us to adjust to this new life. I would love the chance to take my family to visit all the attractions that San Diego has to offer. Winning the card would be such a blessing to us!

  18. San Diego is our hometown but currently live in Colorado Springs Co. The San Diego go card sounds great! My husband just got back from a year deployment and we are planning a trip back to San Diego in May. We can’t wait to take our kids and have them experience this great city we grew up in.

  19. I think rainy days like these bring out the best in beauty that this great city has to offer. The air feels fresher and everything looks alive.

  20. Spring break in San Diego means nightlife in the Pacific Beach area, but also beach parties that go long into the early hours.It’s always fun to hang out at a beach. Mission and Pacific Beach are very popular. Another cool thing about San Diego is that it’s so close to Mexico, so if you want to continue party south of the border, you can easily head down to Rosarita Beach for some more fun.
    The BEST place to go would be the San Diego Zoo. It’s awesome. There are a ton of Whale watching tours that come out of San Diego

  21. Continued ^^ Its my bday! And instead of celebrating im stuck doing midterms at SDSU. Would love to use this card to celebrate next week for Spring Break!

  22. My kids are 3rd generation native San Diegans… we love it! Wouldn’t want to live anywhere else because of ALL that San Diego has to offer.

  23. We Love, Love, Love San Diego and look forward to taking our 3 teenagers around to all of the wonderful places. San Diego is a great place to spend quality time and enjoy the sights and sounds together. Would be so thrilled to get the Go San Diego card to help us continue our exploring.

  24. We LOVE living in San Diego!! I have three boys that keep me busy and love to be out and about doing things but can be very expensive

  25. It’s sad, I have lived in San Diego my whole life (23 years) and can’t even remember the last time I did something like the zoo or sea world or the wild animal park, this card would really help make my 2011 even more incredible and it’ll help me get back in touch with my home town and all its beauty

  26. There’s nothing not to love about San Diego. It’s a vibrant city with perfect weather and great attractions. I can spend all day at the world-class Zoo or I can wander from Old Town to Coronado, stopping in at the Midway or the Maritime museum on the way.

    Don’t forget the Birch Aquarium up in La Jolla. A small jewel perched upon a cliff over looking the ocean. Check out the sea lions on the rocks at the cove.

    And don’t forget the Sunset Cliffs and Point Loma!

    I love San Diego and visit it whenever I can!

  27. My kids are 3rd generation native San Diegans… wouldn’t want to live anywhere else! Love all that San Diego has to offer.

  28. My 3 children and I vacationed In San Diego last summer. We loved it so much that we will be back again this year. Awesome weather, great things to do with kids, it doesn’t get much better than San Diego!

  29. San Diego is such a beautiful city with tons to do. It seems like there is something for the family to do every weekend. The fun card
    would be an amazing way to explore the city and have some fun. Love SD!

  30. Our family has heard wonderful things about San Diego and can’t wait to enjoy the sites when we visit in July. I’ve checked out what the San Diego Go Card offers and it looks to provide the best deal on the best places to visit and things to do. It would be a great thing to have for our family of 4!!!

  31. oooh…we have a family trip planned soon! Thrilled to have a chance at this…and thank you for offering them up for this drawing!

  32. We moved to San Diego in Fall 2006 from Albuquerque, NM and by far THIS is my dream city to live in! San Diego has no comparison: land, water and sea attractions are countless. Since we’ve been living here the last four years, I haven’t had much chance to explore many places because I’ve been pregnant four times and just gave birth to our third child who was seven weeks premature. Now that we’re entering Spring and our youngest is 12 weeks old and doing a little better, we’d love to feel the sun and join the rest of the city in enjoying America’s Finest City, beautiful San Diego. I don’t mean to give a sob story but I feel deserving of the Go San Diego card giveaway. The last three months have been the hardest of our lives since our baby boy was in the NICU and since he’s been home we’ve been literally consumed with him, our 16 month old and 3 yr old toddler. This card would be an awesome incentive to get some relaxation and mental vacay past our backyard! Thx for consideration!!!

  33. Local San Diegan…Lived here for over 20 years and I’ve never heard of the Go San Diego Card! Sounds like a great deal…will definitely share this info with my visiting friends!

    Spring Break will be in 2 weeks for us San Diegans! B-)

  34. I was born and raised in San Diego, BUT moved to the hill country, in Texas since my mother has family here and land. It would be nice to take the family back for a vacation. We miss San Diego!! Nobody would enjoy it like our family. We will always love san diego and need a great spring break back home!

  35. I think San Diego is great any time of the year! Winters are chilly and moist, fall is fabulous, spring rocks! Summers can be crowded but I love June Gloom. I ♡ S.D.

  36. I think S.D. is great any time of the year! Winter can be chilly but lovely, fall is fabulous, and spring rocks. Summer can be crowded though. I ♡ San Diego.

  37. San Diego is amazing. We would love to make the move from Phoenix hopefully in next year or so. We go every few months for a break!!! We love you San Diego!!!!

  38. I’ve used GO Cards in both Boston and San Francisco. Very good to see a lot and save some $$$$. I’d love a Go San Diego Card for my trip this summer!

  39. I am an SD native (born and raised), I attend SDSU and I have actually never had the opportunity to use/visit MOST of these attractions (yes, including the Wave House, I know). My Spring Break is coming up soon and I will be staying in San Diego for the whole week =( I would love to be able to take me and my SDSU friends out for a week of fun! Thanks for reading. GO SDSU Aztecs!!!! =]]

  40. The Go Card is the best. You can really make the most of your trip when you buy one. I am planning a trip to San Diego and will use the card to visit not only the major family attractions, but a few lesser known activities that we would not have considered visited but for the Go Card.

  41. Taking the family there this summer for the first time! Cannot wait to see all the fun stuff there is to do there!! Would love to have the card !!

  42. I am actually moving to San Diego in Sept. Would love to have access to all the great venues to get familiar with my new city!

  43. Oh how I love San Diego!!!BEAUTIFUL. We have been there one time on a 2 day trip we attended a concert, the beautiful beaches and Sea World.I would love to take my children to the fab places on the Go San Diego Card during spring break.

  44. I recently moved back from moving to Idaho for a few years and I couldnt have made a better decision! I love this city, there’s so much to explore.. its been years since I visited most of the big attractions this city has to offer. I would love the cards so the hubby and I can go out and have fun 🙂 with or with no card will do! but it will be take time and moneys >.> XD

  45. Great!!!! I’m no surprised that San Diego has topped one of the #3 destination for Best Time to Visit Spring Break… Great weather, great people, great sites to visit!!! I have been living in San Diego for 8 years now belive me or not I haven’t been around the city. I would really love to take my family out for the summer.

  46. I would LOVE some Go San Diego Cards!! I have family coming in from Poland next week and this would be a great opportunity for me to show them around San Diego.

  47. I moved to San Diego almost 5 years ago. I love it here! So much to do and see. So many diverse little neighborhoods. There’s still so much I haven’t seen though. I could definitely use a Go San Diego card! 🙂

  48. Oh my! This would be perfect. I LOVE San Diego. I moved here from a small town in Illinois in 1991. My niece (who lives in that small town)is coming to visit me and she has never been anywhere, never been on a plane before. I would love to have this Go San Diego card to take her to all of the great places this city has to offer. I am working as a contract employee, so this would really help!

  49. Yay! My family & I just got stationed here! So far we LOVE it and can’t wait to visit all these attractions! San Diego is awesome 🙂

  50. San Diego is beautiful! I’ve only been here for a year now, but there’s still souch I want to do and explore! The zoo is at the top of my list! I would love a Go San Diego card!

  51. San Diego is, by far, the most beautiful city I have ever lived in. As a Navy wife, I have lived in a lot of cities, but none of them have felt as much like home as San Diego. There is so much to do and see every day of the year, and so many things are affordable and kid-friendly. Having a San Diego Go Card would be fantastic!!

  52. I grew up in SD, miss it! Love this blog, makes me want to move back! I’m heading down for a vacation the first week of April, can’t wait!

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