New Year’s Eve in San Diego for the Whole Family

The combination of dazzling fireworks, bubbly drinks, noise-makers, poppers and staying up late makes New Year’s Eve a holiday everyone loves. While many NYE events are adults only (here are a few highlights for the over 21 crowd), there are plenty of great events that kids of all ages can enjoy.

Follow this link for all of San Diego’s NYE Events…

Kids’ New Year’s Eve at LEGOLAND

Start off the day with some roller coasters and Lego creations, then end the day early with family friendly concerts starting at 2:30. Watch out for the LEGO brick drop 22 feet as the clock counts down, followed by fireworks display at 6:00 pm. This is a great way to enjoy the New Year and still be in bed at a reasonable time.

Ring In The New Year at John’s Incredible Pizza Co.

Want everything for the kids taken care of this New Year’s? Then book your spot at John’s Incredible Pizza Co. in San Diego’s South Bay. The family can enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet all night long, along with drinks, rides and prizes. At midnight, the excitement continues with the IncrediBear Horn Parade and the ball drop on the big screen.

New Year’s Bash at the New Children’s Museum

On Friday, December 30th, the New Children’s Museum will party all-day with a music and dance festival featuring performances by Pink Army, Rhythm Child, Clint Perry & the Boo Hoo Crew, Studio FX, San Diego Guild of Puppetry, and much more. This way you can celebrate the New Year with the kids on Friday and reserve Saturday for the adults! In the New Year holidays visit our site online-casino österreich.

What will you and your family be doing this New Year’s Eve?

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