Miramar and Clairemont: Local Neighborhood Gems

Shabu Shabu House in San Diego

Though they are located just 15 minutes north of downtown, the neighborhoods of Miramar and Clairemont might not be top of mind destinations for visitors to San Diego. But locals know there are plenty of terrific things to do, taste and see in this part of of town.

Discover the Arts and Culture of Miramar and Clairemont


Authentic Asian Dining

While there are several places to see local art in these neighborhoods, the most inspiring art in Clairemont often comes in edible form. This area is brimming with Asian eateries and markets, taking visitors on a culinary tour through several countries without ever leaving San Diego.

  • It”s been said that the name “dim sum” means “little jewels that tug at the heart,” and you”ll find out why when you see the beautiful and delicious dishes at China Max.
  • Stroll the aisles at Zion Market and you”ll be astounded by the many Asian delicacies waiting best online casino to be taken home (or eaten right on the spot).
  • There is a fine art to preparing Korean BBQ just right, so don”t be afraid to ask the staff for a few tips during your meal at Jeong Won BBQ.

Authentic Asian cuisine is just one reason to visit the Clairemont neighborhood.

Cultures Come Alive

Clairemont and Miramar are also host to several cultural festivals throughout the year, celebrating the numerous ethnic groups that have made San Diego their home.

  • The San Diego Night Market is a festival featuring all things from Asian culture, but most folks go for all the tasty food.
  • The Filipino Sun Festival takes place every April and features lots of great live entertainment.
  • Each spring, the National Asian American Coalition presents the Asian Cultural Festival of San Diego, with Polynesian, Indian, and Chinese traditional dancers, Korean music and more.

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Experience Authentic Asian Cuisine in San Diego

Shabu Shabu House in San Diego

Locals and tourists will enjoy Authentic Asian Cuisine

Although not officially named an Asian Restaurant Row, Convoy Street between the 1-52 freeway and Mesa College Drive surely fits the bill for authentic Asian cuisine. Here you’ll find fabulous Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean and Chinese culture and cuisine in an amalgamation of flavors, sights and sounds.

Shabu Shabu House in San Diego offers authentic Asian cuisine

Savor authentic Asian food at Shabu Shabu – where you cook the food – just the way you like it!

Convoy Street is lined with wonderful restaurants, shops and bakeries; some of my favorite spots to nosh include Shabu Shabu House, where you cook your own meats and vegetables and dip them into delicious dipping sauces, and Tofu House, where kimchi and Korean hot pots filled with tofu, meats and seafood are the specialty.  For dim sum try Emerald Restaurant, which specializes in Seafood dim sum and for great Vietnamese, try Pho T Cali just West of Convoy Street on Clairmont Mesa Blvd.  If you’re craving Ramen, Tajima Ramen House and Yakitori Yakyudori & Ramen, both on Convoy are delicious.

Enjoy authentic Asian cuisine at Yakitori Yakyudori & Ramen on Asian Restaurant Row in San Diego

Yakitori Yakyudori & Ramen on Convoy Street is a local favorite!

If you like to mix and mingle with the locals, try one of several Asian markets in the area.  The brand new Zion Market features a tasty Korean indoor food court as well as a French-Asian fusion bakery complete with cronuts on the weekends.

A little of the beaten path for visitors to San Diego but well worth the effort, Convoy Street is sure to satisfy any craving for Far East cuisine.

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