Get A Taste Of The Transformers

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is the number one movie in America and San Diego has a cameo in the big screen action. The Port of San Diego has a great run-down of all the filming that took place on San Diego Bay, Coronado and at other waterfront locations.
That's a military helicopter flying a car over San Diego Bay.

That's a military helicopter flying a car over San Diego Bay. Crucial plot point.

While you won’t see stunts like that everyday, you can inject a little high octane excitement into your vacation.  Here’s how:

  • Rent a Go Car Tour around town.  Sharing the road in a little, yellow motorized scooter will give you a perspective on how it must feel to face down a giant robot/vehicle. Plus, they look kinda like Bumblebee.
  • Call Corporate Helicopter tours to schedule a private chopper tour and get a Decepticons-eye-view of the downtown skyline and San Diego Bay. 
  • Younger kids can learn the rules of the road and bone up for those high-speed chases at Legoland’s Fun Town Driving School
  • Visit the San Diego Automotive Museum and imagine what Autobots of the past might have looked like. Is that vintage truck Optimus Prime’s grandfather?
  • Or, see those classic cars in action each Thursday during the La Mesa’s weekly Back in Time rally or on Friday’s during Escondido’s Cruisin’ Grand events.
  • If you just have to get behind the wheel yourself, sign up for San Diego Prestige’s Supercar Tour– a luxury car road rally through the gorgeous, winding San Diego back country.