Southern California Beaches Present: The Bioluminescent Red Tide!

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Video Filmed by Franz Krachtus, Sept. 2011

Here in San Diego, Ca., we are often reminded that the most spectacular and awe-inspiring entertainment comes from Mother Earth herself. For a limited time – doing her best Vegas impression on Southern California beaches from Point Loma to Huntington Beach – the luminous, the electric, the dazzling…  Lingulodinium polyedrum!

During the day we simply call her “The Red Tide” however, by either moniker she is a show-stopping happening not to be missed. Every so often these tiny, miniscule algae “bloom” by the billions, giving the ocean a red sheen by day – hence the name “red tide”.

At night, the bioluminescent magic show (technically science show, however I’m sticking with the Vegas metaphor) begins as each cell gives off a flash of neon-blue light when jostled about. This means every wave, every outline of a fish, and every footstep on the sand glows like an unbelievable scene from ‘Avatar.’ A red tide is, literally, phenomenal.

Red Tide Bioluminescence. Photo courtesy of Kevin Baird.

For more info (but far fewer Vegas metaphors) on the current red tide occurring on San Diego and Orange County beaches, here is a great FAQ on the red tide from Scripps Professor Dr. Peter Franks that is chock full of fun suggestions too. (I think he enjoys his job.)

Please email if you have taken any pictures or video and would like us to post them!


Arts Month San Diego: Little Italy

This week, Arts Month San Diego is highlighting the cultural neighborhood of Little Italy.

Little Italy, located on the northern edge of the San Diego bay, is a vibrant neighborhood steeped in history and tradition. The area is well-known for authentic Italian restaurants and shops that stock Italian imports, but also boasts a nascent art and design district centered around galleries, design showrooms, and marquee arts and culture events.


With galleries, antique shops, and home accessory stores Little Italy North (North of Grape Street) has been dubbed San Diego’s newest Art & Design District.

The Art and Design District of San Diego’s Little Italy was modeled after New York City’s trendy SoHo and Chelsea districts

Two popular galleries are Meyer Fine Art and The Andrews Gallery. Meyer Fine Art specializes in limited-edition prints and works on paper, ranging from pieces by Miró and Chagall to vintage Italian posters. The Andrews Gallery is an artist space that combines the roles of art gallery, creative studio and performance venue in one interactive environment. The Gallery focuses on solo-exhibitions of emerging and mid-career artists, as well as hosts musical performances, poetry readings, and other creative happenings.

Insider Tip:  Many of the art galleries in Little Italy have limited business hours, but will open by appointment only. Kettner Nights is a great time to explore the area and get a lay of the land.


Little Italy hosts Kettner Nights and Festa, two signature arts events that offer fun for the whole family.

  • Kettner Nights (Sept. 9): Discover the art, design and antiques on display and for sale in Little Italy during Kettner Nights, an art walk held the second Friday of every other month from 6pm to 9pm.

Authentic chalk art at Little Italy Festa

  • 17th Annual Little Italy Festa (Oct. 9): Celebrate the romance of Italian culture with authentic music, fine foods and specialty crafts. Don’t miss the Gesso Italiano chalk art painting exhibition created by more than 150 artists in two days.