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Come Sail Away

So there’s this thing called sailing.”  Have you heard of it?  Why has no one told me of this sailing stuff before?  It is awesome.  I mean, I’ve been out on the water plenty of times – usually on a short harbor cruise, a ferry, or perhaps a whale watching trip or two – but it wasn’t until I got out on the San Diego Bay aboard a 32-foot sailboat that I truly discovered the beauty of being out on the water.  It is one of the most peaceful activities I can remember doing, and one of the most fun.

Captain Tim sets a course for adventure and romance!

Captain Tim sets a course for adventure and romance!

It’s an escape for your senses; or rather, a return to your senses.  You motor out into the bay, and as soon as the captain cuts the engine, the city just recedes into the distance and becomes another feature on the horizon, leaving only you, the wind, the water and the sky.  Serenity.  If that sounds hokey to you, then I won’t bother to go into how time doesn’t even seem to pass when you’re sailing.  And I’ll definitely refrain from singing the 1980 Christopher Cross song for you (even though he did hit it right on the head with that one).

Having quickly developed a taste for sailing after my first hour on the bay, I chartered a private sailing excursion with Sail San Diego for my wedding anniversary.  $85 a head will get you on board one of their boats for a sunset sail that includes beer, wine and light snacks.  The captains are fun and quite knowledgable about the San Diego Bay.  They’ll usually let you get your hands on the wheel, too.

Plenty of charter companies sail on and beyond our beautiful bay, most originating on Shelter Island and Harbor Island.  And it’s almost never a bad time to sail.  You can pretty much sail year round in San Diego.  (The weather, you know.  I’m told it’s pretty good around here.)  You know, all of this reminds me of a song.

Well it’s not far down to paradise, at least it’s not for me
And if the wind is right you can sail away and find tranquility
The canvas can do miracles – just you wait and see
Belieeeeeeve me

Whoops, I said I wouldn’t sing, didn’t I?  I lied.

Go sail.