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Jeff Terich is the music editor of San Diego CityBeat and has been writing about music for over a decade. A contributor to top music magazines including American Songwriter and ALARM Magazine, Jeff is also the founder of, an independent music feature and review site. On the video side, Jeff is a co-host of Unherd, a local music TV show on ABC 10.
Jeff Terich

4 Family-Friendly Concerts in San Diego

If you’re the type that wants to rock out on the weekends, but have children, it’s hard to reconcile those two things. Not every concert…
Jeff Terich

4 Must See 2016 Summer Concerts in San Diego

There’s a lot of competition for live music in San Diego, and the competition doesn’t always come from other live shows. Beaches, parks, museums, galleries …
Jeff Terich

4 of the Best New Bands in San Diego

Juice Box at Panama66
One of the benefits of a music scene as active as San Diego’s is that new bands are hitting stages on a regular basis. Once…
Jeff Terich

4 of San Diego’s Best Dives for Live Music

Bar Pink - One of the 4 Best Dives for Live Music
You can always tell the character of a city by the strength of its dive bars. And if those dive bars also happen to put…
Jeff Terich

Four of the Best Live Bands in San Diego

The Burning of Rome
San Diego is increasingly becoming a more attractive destinations for touring bands to play, and there’s certainly no shortage of places for bands to play…
Jeff Terich

4 of the Best Jazz Clubs Throughout San Diego

Jazz Band - Croce's Park West
Photo courtesy of Croce’s Park West San Diego has more than its share of small-, medium- and large-sized venues to see rock and pop music.…
Jeff Terich

4 of the Best All Ages Live Music Venues in San Diego

The Irenic - An All Ages Music Venue in San Diego
The Irenic – An All Ages Music Venue in San Diego San Diego is a haven for bargoers – the explosion of the craft beer…
Jeff Terich

5 Summer Concert Picks in San Diego – 2015

Taylor Swift - The 1989 World Tour
It’s no secret that San Diego is a great city for live music. It’s home to legendary bars like The Casbah, historic venues like The…
Jeff Terich

Best Live Music Venues in San Diego

lestats normal heights san diego live music venue
For decades, San Diego has had a vibrant and eclectic local music scene, and that’s reflected in the number of great places to see live…