Brent Bernasconi

5 Ways to Beat the Heat in Sunny San Diego

Beat the Heat at the Beach in San Diego
Beat the Heat at the Beach in San Diego The best remedy to beat the heat? An escape to sunny San Diego! Here are five…

Surf Fishing San Diego County’s Beaches

Man with his catch after surf fishing
Catch dinner right on the shores of San Diego One of the great things about surf fishing in San Diego County is that you’ll likely…

Dive Along the Underwater Canyon Walls of San Diego’s La Jolla Shores

An Abundance of Marine Life in the La Jolla Canyon. Photo Courtesy of OEX Dive & Kayak Head to La Jolla Shores for a dive…

Sportfishing in San Diego: Hoop-Netting California Spiny Lobsters

Jim White Hoop-Netts California Spiny Lobsters I pulled a unique double recently, and the two activities can only be done in the winter in San…
Benjamin Eastman

Beach Nightlife in San Diego

Club Tremors
As I’ve mentioned many times in the past, the beauty of San Diego’s nightlife scene is that there is something for everyone. Whether you’re wearing…
Brent Bernasconi

Exploring San Diego Bay in a Speed Boat

Yesterday, San Diego Speed Boat Adventures invited a few ConVis folks to spend the afternoon jetting around and exploring San Diego bay in a speed…
Brent Bernasconi

OB’s Dog Beach Has National Recognition

Dog Beach in Ocean Beach. Photo courtesy of SneakyMoose. I know my dog loves going to the dog beach in Ocean beach. The area is…