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8 of San Diego’s Hottest New Restaurants and Bars

Far West Lounge - 8 of San Diego’s Hottest New Restaurants and Bars

San Diego’s restaurant scene is diverse, delicious—and growing virtually by the day. So many exciting new restaurants and bars crop up that it can be hard to keep track. That’s why we took stock of the very best establishments that have opened in the last several months (some are much newer than that) as well as the most anticipated places slated to open their doors any day now.

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Edna Gutierrez

10 Bars that Prove San Diego is an Adult Playground

Coin Haus -Bars in San Diego

Beyond an abundant selection of craft beers or expertly stirred cocktails, many San Diego bars have found creative ways to amp up the fun. From coloring book menus and retro arcade games to learning the mysteries of the universe and betting on the ponies, the following are just a few of the spots bringing big fun and games to San Diego’s buzzing nightlife scene.

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