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Relaxing in San Diego – Smash Shack style!

Smash Shack logo

Smash Shack logo

So when you think of relaxing in San Diego, you probably think about soaking up the sun on one of our beaches, getting some spa treatments or enjoying a nice cocktail on a rooftop bar.  All absolutely valid ways to let the stress just melt away.  But last week I experienced an alternative (and more cathartic) way to de-stress in San Diego.  I smashed stuff!

Sarah’s Smash Shack opened in the northern part of Downtown about a year ago and has already received much acclaim from, believe it or not, psychologists!  Written up in the Jan/Feb issue of Psychology Today, the shop is praised for the therapeuticness (is that word?) of smashing stuff!  SSS has also been featured on CNN Money, and in a number of magazines including: Inc, Redbook and Every Day with Rachel Ray. 

The Smash Shack is exactly what it sounds like – a place to smash stuff.  Purchase any number of glass and ceramic items from the Shack’s collection and go to town.  They’ve got 2 rooms with reinforced steel walls where you can smash to your heart’s delight!  For a small fee, they’ll even let you bring your own stuff from home to smash!  It is amazing how much lighter you feel after tossing a couple of plates against a wall!  There’s even an environmental side to this story.  The items in their shop have been purchased from thrift stores that have been unable to resell the items, and the shards of your broken frustrations are sometimes made into jewelery, pottery, or other recycled items.

Suited up for the Smash Shack

Suited up for the Smash Shack

“I can smash stuff at home and it won’t cost me any money”, you say.  “Why should I pay to do it someplace else?”  Well for one, you won’t have your family or neighbors calling the cops on you!  But in all seriousness, Sarah’s has really made this a total package.  To make the experience more personalized, they’ll play whatever type of music you want in the smash room (I chose a particularly loud Linkin’ Park song) – or you can even bring your iPod in to play a particular song.  You can also tape a picture of your ex, your boss, or whoever is stressing you out, on the wall so you know where to aim.  Plus, write your frustrations on the items you are smashing and they magically go away when the item is smashed! (* Disclaimer:  The last comment was totally made up!)

They’ll even let you bring your own stuff (with limitations) to smash!  Bad break up?  Smash the things that remind you of your ex.  Finally get a new dish set to replace the old one? Why not bring the old set in for a smash?!  There are SO many possibilities here.

I just went with a basic smashing of shot glasses to get the feel of it this time.  But you can be sure that I’ll be back to smash some more!  Now that “the smash” is in my blood, I will return!


TODAY Takes A Vacation To San Diego

The TODAY Show wrapped up their week of vacationing across the US here on the California coast with a visit to San Diego. 

They rode the waves in La Jolla Shores with Surf Diva, went kayaking in the La Jolla Sea Caves, took a leisurely ride with The Gondola Company in Coronado and visited the beautiful Hotel del Coronado.  A pretty cool finale to a great series!

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Expert Advice For Girlfriend Getaways

Marybeth Bond, travel expert and author of National Geographic’s 50 Best Girlfriend Getaways, appeared yesterday on the talk show View from the Bay to share her top summer getaway ideas.


In addition to tips on visiting San Diego (she says a CityPass is money well-spent), Marybeth shares ideas for Northern California coastal escapes like Monterrey and Mendocino and mountain getaways in Tahoe and the gorgeous Canadian Rockies. 

Definitely worth a watch!


In Case You Need Reasons to Road Trip

Follow these signs to San Diego this summer.

Follow these signs to San Diego this summer.

Last weekend, the Los Angeles Times and the Orange County Register both ran stories that will get you itching to hit the road. 

The Times wrote about seeking out great craft beer and specifically highlighted brewery tours in San Diego

The Register did a “choose your own” adventure story featuring everything from the Loews Surf Dog Competition to Fleet Week with a generous sprinkling of tempting eats and beach ideas.  This one has something for everyone!


Encinitas, Top Ten Town for Hanging Ten

Take it from the experts, surf in San Diego!

Experts advise you to surf in San Diego!

Surfer Magazine just released their list of the ten best surf towns in America and San Diego’s Encinitas nabbed the number 3 spot.

The serious surfers at Surfer loved Encinitas’ laid-back surf culture, the quality of life (from the climate to abundance of cute girls) and the proximity to all of San Diego’s other great surf breaks.

If you’re just looking to get your feet wet and give surfing a try, some of those San Diego breaks are great for beginners.