Brent Bernasconi

Hops on the Harbor – Craft Beer, Food and Amazing Views

San Diego Skyline & Coronado Bridge - Hops on the Harbor
San Diego Craft Beer – Check! Delicious Food – Check! Beautiful Views of San Diego from the Water – Check! These are just a few…
Bruce Glassman

Ales and Ambience: San Diego's 10+ Best Tasting Rooms

One of Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits Tasting Rooms - Miramar
Courtesy of Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits Have you ever noticed that things taste better when you”re in the right surroundings? The beer and wine…
Bruce Glassman

Three Cheers for the Little Guys – San Diego’s Nano Breweries

San Diego Nano Breweries
Three Cheers for the Little Guys – San Diego’s Nano Breweries If you’ve heard about San Diego craft beer, you’ve probably heard about Stone Brewing,…
Bruce Glassman

The Flavor Debate: Pushing the Boundaries of Craft Beer

Craft Beer - Courtesy Candice Eley
Should a craft beer just taste like beer? What is beer supposed to taste like? Hardcore craft beer fans are often divided on this question.…
Bruce Glassman

“Props” for Hops: San Diego’s Sensational Session IPA Craze

San Diego Session IPA
San Diego Session IPAs offer a big, satisfying flavor without the knock-you-on-the-floor punch after a pint or two. Courtesy of The San Diego Brewery Guide/©Georgian…
Edna Gutierrez

Draft at Mission Beach: San Diego Beer and Food with a View

Just in case you haven’t heard, there are two things that define San Diego: the beach and beer. Magic happens when these two come together.…
Brent Bernasconi

San Diego Brewery Tour – 3 Beer Stops with Brew Hop

Toasting the Groom - Societe Brewing Co.
You know the drill: boy falls in love with girl, boy asks girl to marry him, girl says yes(!), boy asks best friend to plan…

Meet Greg Koch: San Diego’s Guide to the Good Stuff for Beer Lovers

[youtube] To craft beer fans, Greg Koch may be a household name. The co-founder and CEO of Stone Brewing Co., one of San Diego’s…
Sarah Weinberg

San Diego Crew Classic Rows Its Way on Mission Bay

Rowers - San Diego Crew Classic
With the excitement of rowing races complemented by sunny skies and warm temperatures, the San Diego Crew Classic provides a perfect backdrop for a spring…
Robert Arends

Valentine’s Day, LGBT-style, in San Diego

Walking under Hillcrest Sign
Feel the love in Hillcrest this Valentine’s Day Love is in the air and for LGBT couples looking for something romantic to do this Valentine’s…